Fatima Sana Sheikh said- I was molested when I was 3, this is the kind of fight we fight every day

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Dangal fame actress Sana Fatima Sheikh has revealed that she was exploited at the age of 3. He said that this is such a battle, which we fight every day. Every woman and every minority has to fight this battle. Despite this I think our future is better.

People used to say that actress cannot be made
Fatima said in an interview to Pinkvilla – I was told many times that you can never become a heroine. You don’t look like Deepika-Aishwarya. So how will you become a heroine. There are people in the industry who break the spirits. But, when I look back, I think it was fine. These are the scales of beauty set here and I certainly do not fall into that bracket.

My bracket is different and now I have opportunities. The film is made for people like me who do not look like supermodels. Films are made for people who are average and look normal.

Explained the object of exploitation
Sana also talked about exploitation in the industry. He said that I faced such people, who used to tell me that work can be found only through sex. This has happened to me too. The job I should have been given to someone else. I do not know the reason for this. But I know enough that all these people are suffering. Sexism is in every industry and it is true.

Sana’s upcoming movies
Sana will soon be seen in two films. His ‘Ludo’ and ‘Suraj Par Mangal Bharti’ are going to be released soon. In a recent interview, Sana had said that I also want to experiment and play another type of character. Ludo is Anurag Basu’s film and so I wanted to work with Dada. The starcast of Mars Heavy on Sun is tremendous. It stars actors like Manoj Bajpayee, Diljit, Annu Kapoor.


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