Fearing opposition from medical staff, police are unable to lay hands on the gangsters who have blackened the Remedisiver | Fear of opposition from medical staff, police are not able to lay hands on the donors who blacken Remedisvir

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Lucknow14 minutes ago

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  • Police found important clues by catching more than two dozen hoarders associated with Syndicate
  • Jeevanadayini injection reaching the black market across the state through drug dealers

In Uttar Pradesh, a large number of medical staff and hospital operators are coming forward in the black market of Remdisiver Injection, which is considered a lifeline in the rescue from Corona. More than two dozen injection hoarders caught in the continuous raids of the Lucknow Police have received such clues. But the police are silent on taking action against small hoarders for fear of heavy opposition from the medical staff across the state for putting their hands on the donors supplying the injections in the black market.

The Lucknow Police arrested the people involved in the black marketing of Remedesvir so far, including KGMU contract workers, hospital operators and nursing staff of some private hospitals. Some fake injections were caught from him. But a consignment of real Remedisvir in large quantities was also recovered from their possession which was being sold to the patients at a rate of 10 times more than the prescribed price.

Remeddivir from Kanpur is being supplied in black market across the state

According to police officials, interrogation of the arrested people revealed that black marketing of Remdisiver injection is being done through Kanpur’s big claim traders. The strings of these merchants are associated with large private medical institutions and high-level physicians. In such a situation, by putting hands on these traders and their people, the medical staff in the entire state can stand in protest.

Due to the increasing number of Kovid patients, there is a lack of medical staff in treatment and management. Standing against them, this crisis can deepen further. This is the reason why the police action is limited to small hoarders and is not able to completely tighten its grip on black marketing.

443 Vial injections from 28 hoarders

Earlier, on April 22, the Lucknow police conducted the first one at Naka police station area and arrested 4 accused and recovered 34 violative injectors from their possession. After this, Gomtinagar, Thakurganj, Manaknagar, Aminabad and Banthara police conducted raids and arrested 24 accused. Police has so far arrested 48 accused and recovered 483 violated demesives. Officers say that black marketers are being caught every day in the ongoing action.

ADCP Western Rajesh Srivastava said that a large number of accused who had recovered from Ramdasivir revealed that it was being supplied from Kanpur. The help of Kanpur Police is being taken to reach the big businessmen associated with it.

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