Feature article: Being talented can bring you millions of awards, know how?

Investment in knowledge pays the best interest ‘, this quote from Benjamin Franklin clearly states how important it is to invest our mind and time in education. Nowadays, it is the practice to follow what we have learned and achieve more than what we can learn. The professional world is a competitive battlefield where the only weapon that can win you over is your knowledge. Each phase of the scenario after class 10th is a test for the students, who teach them permanent life lessons. However, there is also an exam that can win you lakhs and crores of rupees along with imparting knowledge. Not sure? But this is true.

The name of that life-changing exam is ‘Genius 2021’, organized by Sam Global University with Knowledge Partner Vigyan Bharati, the fastest growing education group in Central India.

Genius 2021 is a national-level online test that has been conducted to try and reward limited talent within the wall of doubt among students. The target group for the test will be students currently studying in class 11th and 12th. We know that the 11th and 12th grades play an important role in directing the life path, which leads the career towards the destination. Through Genius 2021, students from all streams of these classes will have the chance to gain knowledge, recognize talent in them and realize their dreams.

In an era of academic and academic uncertainties, Genius 2021 is an unexpected opportunity that will help lay out a sophisticated foundation for a brilliant career. Also, one aspect that sometimes becomes an obstacle in chasing our dreams is the money related aspect. Thus, under Genius 2021 you will be awarded a scholarship of up to Rs 1 crore and for the students of class 1 ie class 12th, first prize is Rs 1 lakh; second prize of Rs 50,000 and third prize is Rs 25,000. First prize for class 2 i.e. class 11th is Rs 11,000; Second prize is Rs 7000 and third prize of Rs 5000. Along with this, cash prizes of up to Rs 50 lakh will also be given. The topics that Genius 2021 will focus on are mental ability, oral reasoning and general knowledge. Genius 2021 will be held on 15, 16 and 17 January 2021. All the students will be informed about the result of the test through SMS.

The aspect that makes Genius 2021 special is the unique institution it is conducting. Sam Global University, being one of the oldest educational groups in Central India, has always been known to make the educational journey of present and upcoming generations simple and goal-focused and with Genius 2021 we are ensuring . Also, we are keeping it open to all streams of 11th and 12th classes and thus it is beneficial for all. At SAM we strive to make quality education accessible to all and the financial aspect should never be an obstacle to anyone getting an opportunity, which is why there is no ‘registration fee’ to apply for Genius 2021.

If you are a talented person, have a plan in life and are financially supported then there is nothing that can stop you from achieving your goal in life. This test will help you get a grip on the core subjects, which will result in helping students to find talent in them. For you Genius 2021 https://genius.samglobaluniversity.ac.in/#/ Can register on For more information call 8085140009, 9522104400 So, be ready to bring your inner genius out with Genius 2021.

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Being talented can give you millions of prizes, know how?

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