Feature article: Data analytics and other new-age courses are increasing demand, Jaipuria Institute of Management is making students expert in this field

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  • Data Analytics And Other New Age Courses Are Increasing In Demand, Jaipuria Institute Of Management Is Making Students Expert In This Field

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4 days ago

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The world is changing rapidly due to technology and its impact is also on education sector. Today the importance of new-age related courses has increased very much. Various educational institutions are preparing themselves in this direction. Jaipuria is one of the few colleges working in this direction and preparing its students for the future. He has started a Business Analytics Specialization course in his MBA / PGDM program. These are courses which are in great need of experts and will be in demand in future also.

Business and Data Analytics – Emerging Areas

Our lifestyle is changing rapidly due to technology. Today, we can do all the work online at home, which we could not even imagine 20 years ago. From shopping to booking tickets, bill payments to video calls, everything can be done online. Even entertainment tools are now available online. Now everything is happening online, then experts will be needed to make this field better and more consumer friendly. The data analyst is one of those experts.

Data analytics is an emerging course where the prospects of jobs are constantly increasing. Jaipuria Institute of Management is one of the few institutes in the country that also prepares its students as business analysts in the PGDM program. In this, students are taught in machine learning, data visualization.

Start of course like Design Thinking and Business Analytics

The way technology works in different industries is also changing due to technology. There is always a need for experts to handle and analyze the data of these changing industries. Jaipuria Institute of Management caters to the demand of data specialists in different companies by preparing students through its new-age course. These courses are – Design Thinking, Business Analytics, Data Mining, Business Simulation and Industry Analysis. Not only this, Jaipuria also offers many courses in collaboration with various industries. This includes Business Analytics started with IBM, Financial Markets started with BSE and Lean Six Sigma launched with KPMG.

Such courses are very special for students studying management. After taking training from college, students can work as data analyst, data scientist, business intelligence analyst, data analytics consultant, marketing analyst, project manager etc. in fintech, e-commerce, social media and other online fields.

Preparing students with soft skills

After completing the main course, when students go to companies for jobs, there is a lack of soft skills. Such as communication skills, leadership, self motivation, teamwork, ability to solve problems, take responsibility etc. It is a kind of new age course, where the student is given training in how to cope with the real world apart from studying management. Students do not lack such soft skills, so they are prepared through this course in Jaipuria Institute of Management, so that when they go to companies, they are ready for every task in advance.

Launch of Happiness and Wellbeing initiative

If the mind is calm and the mind is organized, then the biggest tasks are done very easily. Mental health is important for everyone working or students studying. Jaipuria is offering a course of happiness and wellbeing with its unique initiative, which is essential for everyone in today’s time. Such courses are being conducted in very few places in the country. How can the student cope with difficult situations, how to mentally balance themselves, if such education is given to the students at the beginning, then later on the students will be able to face every situation easily. Apart from happiness and well-being, Jaipuria has also started courses like Economics History of India, Alternative Cultural Shift, Culture and Society, Management Thought Leaders and Perspective and French Language, which can be taken by students with PGDM program.

Great Placement Record

The number of Jaipuria students selected for analytics based companies has more than doubled. The selection of students at companies such as E&Y, Moody’s, and Deloitte among the companies known as the Big Four has shown impressive results. New-age courses and industry-run certification have given Jaipuria some amazing placements. For example, for the last two years, his students have been successful in cracking core finance profiles at companies like Moody’s Analytics, Properties, S&P Global.

Jaipuria aims for students to gain their expertise in PGDM to ensure their growth in companies. In the PGDM program, students can choose two specializations and make themselves sector specialized in the best courses such as Sector Specialization Program PGDM (Marketing), PGDM (Service Management), PGDM (Financial Service) and PGDM (Retail Management). Doing these courses will help the students to become experts in banking, capital markets insurance, e-marketing, rural marketing, consulting, financial services. Apart from this, Jaipuria is also putting great emphasis on new-age courses, so that students can become successful in taking their careers to a new level by specializing in analytics and soft skills.


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