Female Dog Gives Birth To Puppies In UP Hamirpur; Bhoj Program Organized at Sikandarpur | Doggie gave birth to five children together; Animal lover gave feast, people danced on the beat of dholak-manjire

Hamirpur6 hours ago

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Stockman Santosh Saini worshiped the well of a bitch and arranged for 100 people to eat.

  • The case of Sikanderpura of Rath Kotwali region
  • People from the neighborhood ate food at the banquet

If a child is born here, it is natural to express happiness. But, when an unborn (animal) gives birth to a child and sings congratulatory songs, people dance on the beat of dholak, this incident becomes news. A similar case was seen in Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh. Here, when a pet bitch gave birth to five children, the happiness of the foster child was no more. He organized the banquet. In which people from all over the village participated. Selfies were also pulled with puppies.

People dancing in the program.

People dancing in the program.

This is the case of Sikanderpura locality of Rath Kotwali area. Santosh Saini living here is an animal lover. They have kept bitch sail. She gave birth to five puppies simultaneously. To express this joy, Santhosh organized a banquet program. In which people from all over the neighborhood participated. During the program, people danced to the beat of Dholak-Manjire. Santosh also played the ritual of Kuan Pujan. During this time people were also seen taking selfies with dogs. Santosh Saini said that I got a well done. Arrangements were made for 100 people.


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