Film ’83’: The makers of ’83’ are targeting the audience of 40 plus age group, Ranveer-Kapil present the film in Cochin, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai

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  • Makers Of ’83’ Are Also Targeting The Audience Of 40 Plus Age Group, Ranveer Kapil Present Film In Kochi, Bangalore, Hyderabad And Chennai

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The makers of the film ’83’ are targeting the young audience base as well as the audience of 40 plus age group. He has also made the film very aggressive among the audience of South as well. The efforts of the makers are to bring the cricket-loving audience of the last five decades to the theatres. Producer Vishnu Vardhan Induri confirmed this in Cochin.

Vishnu Vardhan Induri told that Ranveer Singh is playing Kapil Dev in the film. His presence will not only bring a young audience base, but also the 40 plus age fraternity with a character of his era like Kapil Dev sir will also come to watch the film. Malayalam cinema star Prithviraj Sukumaran presented ’83’ in Cochin. Sudeep Kicha presented the film in Bengaluru. Makers and star cast shifted to Chennai on Saturday after Hyderabad. The film was presented by Kamal Haasan in Chennai and Nagarjuna in Hyderabad. Ranveer, Kapil and Kabir Khan were also present there.

Our intention is to reach out to every age group: Kabir Khan
Kabir Khan said, “The subject of this film is based on the historical achievement of post-independence India. In such a situation, obviously the age group of the audience watching it is spread over a wide range. We also intend to reach every age group. I am lucky that this subject chose me. During the shoot of the film, Clive Lloyd also came in a match. Everyone also picked up the actual trophy from the Lord’s balcony.”

Thank you Kabir, Ranveer and entire team: Kapil Dev
Kapil Dev also expressed his emotions. He said, “Kabir did complete justice to the subject. We should have people like Kabir around us who can pass on India’s achievements from generation to generation with cinematic magic. The film was started by producer Vishnu Vardhan Induri. He was many. Came to me years ago. At that time though I had denied him. I told him that man, we are all young. It should be a little more late, but Vishnu convinced us. Now the film that has been made, For that we are thankful to Kabir, Ranveer and the entire team. After watching the film, we relived those days again. I would also like to give the responsibility to Prithviraj to get the film from Kerala Territory too big box office collections.”

Winning the first Cricket World Cup as a nation is an incredible story: Ranveer
On the special occasion, Ranveer Singh said, “Winning the first Cricket World Cup as a nation is an incredible story. That first victory was a wonderful communication of Self-Believe across the nation. I am proud of myself, who I am, for the cinematic celebration of that story. Part Hoon. The special thing is that the film is coming after two years when the whole world has gone through a lot. Now we are all moving towards a new hope.”

Prithviraj Sukumaran said this about ’83’
Prithviraj Sukumaran gave his own words to the importance of ’83’. He said, “This single first victory made us all realize our strength, where we all stand as a nation. Players from different provinces played an important role in that victory. Their food, lifestyle, Believe system all were different. But keep all that separate, when everyone joined hands to achieve one destination, then the world was won. So that story showed us that we are a divers country, but our strength lies in moving forward together. Today’s India should look back and learn that lesson from that 1983 victory.”

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