Film to be made on Jind’s WWE Fighter Kavita: First Lady Award given by the President; Left the game due to harassment of former IPS, started writing story

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A Bollywood movie (biopic) will be made on the life of female wrestler Kavita Dalal, a resident of Malvi village of Julana, Jind, Haryana, honored with India’s First Lady Award. Kavita Dalal has signed a contract with the Mumbai team to make the film on a grand scale. The team has also started writing the story.

Like other biopic films including Dangal, Mary Kom, Kavita Dalal’s life will also be seen on the silver screen. Kavita Dalal came into limelight when in 2016 she defeated an international wrestler by wearing a suit-salwar. Currently she is associated with the Aam Aadmi Party. After reaching Jantar Mantar, she had also alleged that due to the harassment of former IPS, she got away from the ring.

Kad Kathi made weight lifter

Kavita Dalal, born in a farmer’s family in the small village of Malvi in ​​Julana, was fond of eating milk and curd from the beginning. Being physically strong and having a height of 5 feet 11 inches, his trend went towards weight lifting. Coming out of the rural environment, fighting with the social and economic conditions, Kavita worked hard and gradually started a flurry of medals. Kavita won several medals in the National Games in weight lifting. Apart from this, in the year 2016, Kavita won the Gold Medal in South Asiad.

Was sad to see WWE fight

Kavita Dalal used to watch WWE fights. He also had a desire to participate in such fights. Regarding this, Kavita started training in an academy in Jalandhar. There she started working hard for WWE fighting. In the year 2016 itself, Kavita Dalal entered the WWE ring wearing a suit salwar in desi style. He gave a tremendous thrashing to the world class wrestler. When its video went viral, Kavita Dalal made headlines not only in the country but also in foreign countries.

The President gave the First Lady’s Award

Kavita Dalal got selected when the WWE team came from USA. She was the only female wrestler from India for the fight to be held in Dubai. Even in WWE events, he fought in suits and salwars and promoted Indian culture. After this, his identity started becoming known. In the year 2017, the then President Ramnath Kovind honored her with the First Lady’s Award.

Dream of giving platform to girls

After this, Kavita Dalal continued fighting in the USA for 4 years. Returned to India about 2 years ago and became active in politics after coming here. You have joined the party. Kavita believes that the policies of sports are good, but it remains limited to files and the real talent gets suppressed. She wants that a lot can be changed by coming into the system and being a part of the system. Kavita tells that her vision is to create such a platform for girls, from which their talent emerges.

faced financial difficulties

Regarding the days of struggle, Kavita Dalal said that being from a farming family, the economic condition was not so strong in the beginning. The family used to survive by selling milk. At the behest of her brother Sanjay, she progressed in sports. Once during the camp in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Kavita Dalal had no money, so she picked up 15 rupees kept in front of the idol in the temple and bought toothpaste from it. After a few days she went to the temple to keep the money back in the temple. There he fed a hungry girl sitting outside the temple.

Glad someone understood his life

Kavita Dalal told that she is happy that someone has understood her life full of struggle and a film is going to be made on it. This will inspire millions of girls who are unable to fulfill their dreams due to circumstances. Kavita told that a contract has been signed with Preeti Agarwal to make her film. The entire struggle of his life will be shown in the film. Zeeshan, the producer of films like Main Atal Hoon, is also very keen to work on Kavita’s biopic.

Left wrestling due to former IPS

Kavita said- I also had to leave wrestling due to harassment. I had also left wrestling due to the harassment of former IPS, President of Weightlifting Federation. Never before could I muster up the courage to tell my story, but when I saw Vinesh Phogat at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, I got courage. Such situations are created around many players.

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