Filmmaker Aditya Dhar said – Article 370 is not a propaganda based film: Said – the present government does not need my film to win the elections.

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Filmmaker Aditya Dhar said that his upcoming film is not an Article 370 propaganda based film. Actually the trailer of the film was released on Thursday. Some people on social media alleged that the film is being deliberately released before the elections, so that the current government can be benefited.

Now the film's producer Aditya Dhar said that the present government does not need the support of any film to win the elections. He demonstrated by building a Ram temple, which had not happened even in the last thousand years. Therefore, what benefit will such a government get from our small film? Let us tell you that the story of the film is based on the removal of Article 370 from Kashmir. The film will be released on 23 February. Yami Gautam is in the lead role in the film.

The film has been written thoughtfully
A large section has been opposing the film since the trailer launch. He says that the government can benefit from such films in the upcoming general elections. Aditya Dhar has termed such things as nonsense.

He said in the trailer launch event that this film is completely research based. The film has been written very thoughtfully. Aditya said that he is a Kashmiri Pandit, hence he has a lot of connection with this film. Aditya said that the Indian audience is very smart. They know which films are propaganda and which are not.

Uri was also targeted, everyone saw what was the result.
Aditya Dhar also talked about his film Uri- The Surgical Strike. He said- Uri was also called a propaganda film by some people. However, everyone knows how the film performed. Even at that time I used to ignore all these things. As long as my thinking remains like this, I will keep making films. The day I feel that I have deviated from my path, I will leave filmmaking.

Aditya told why the film The Immortal-Ashwatthama was closed
During the trailer release event, Aditya also talked about the film The Immortal-Ashwatthama, which was shelved even before it was made. He told that this was a very big film in terms of Indian cinema.

No company was ready to work on its VFX. As a result, the film could not be made. Until technology becomes affordable here or cinema halls increase in the country so that more people can watch films, everyone will have to wait for such films.

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