Filmmaker Mangat Pathak, who came to Varanasi’s Kashi Film Festival, said | Filmmaker Mangat Pathak, who came to Varanasi festival, said – got the script

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Filmmaker Mangat Pathak.

The film ‘Raid-2’ will be made on the raid of Income Tax (IT) lying in Kanpur and Kannauj. Famous filmmaker Kumar Mangat Pathak said this in Varanasi today. He was present in a panel discussion on the third day of Kashi Film Festival being held for the first time in UP.

Filmmakers during a panel discussion at the Rudraksh Convention Center hall in Varanasi.

Filmmakers during a panel discussion at the Rudraksh Convention Center hall in Varanasi.

He said that in his film ‘Raid’, it was only shown that money can also come out of the walls. Whereas in the recent Income Tax raids in Kanpur and Kannauj, when the incident of money coming out of the walls actually came to the fore, he decided to punctuate it in the film ‘Raid 2’. Told that we have now got the script of Raid 2. We will show how a common trader becomes infamous overnight from special and special overnight.

The film Raid was released in 2018.
Ajay Devgan played the character of Amay Patnaik in the film Raid, released in the year 2018. Ajay Devgan made a lot of headlines for his brilliant acting. Now it has to be seen whether Ajay Devgan will return in Raid 2 or some other actor will replace him.

Will make films on UP and in UP

During the panel discussion, many other artists talked about making films in UP and in UP. The filmmakers gave information on the new location in the state and the ease of rules for shooting. After this panel discussion, the Kashi Film Festival will end in the evening after a live show of singing. Filmmakers have accepted Anupam Kher’s suggestion and said that from next year a major Hindi or Bhojpuri film will also premiere in Varanasi.

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