Fireworks in Muslim areas on PM Modi’s birth anniversary; Divided sweets, worshiped on the banks of Ganga and offered 70 kg laddus to Hanuman | Fireworks, sweets were distributed in Muslim areas too; Hanumanji was offered 70 kg laddus with worship on the banks of the Ganges

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  • Fireworks In Muslim Areas On PM Modi’s Birth Anniversary; Divided Sweets, Worshiped On The Banks Of Ganga And Offered 70 Kg Laddus To Hanuman

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Modi’s birthday was celebrated with pomp in PM Modi’s parliamentary constituency. The Muslim brothers also made fireworks and distributed sweets.

  • 70 kg laddu will be distributed among children and people after worship
  • All Hindus and Muslims wished for longevity and sweets were distributed.

Today is the 70th birthday of the Prime Minister of the country, Narendra Modi. On the occasion of his birthday, party workers are celebrating the birth anniversary in their own way. The Muslim brothers in the Dal Mandi area of ​​the city had fireworks in the morning and wandered in the streets and distributed sweets. Also greeted the cutout of PM Modi. There is considerable enthusiasm in the Muslim community to celebrate the birthday of their MP as a celebration.

Mahesh Chandra Shrivastava, the president of Kashi province and colleagues worshiped Maa Ganga for the long longevity of Dashashwamedha. He told that 130 crore people of the country are celebrating today. The country is progressing well under his skilled guidance. Maa Ganga’s blessings are built on them from the beginning. Ganga has called her son as if in Kashi. We all worshiped Ganga for her amid chants with Vedic rituals.

On the occasion of PM Modi's birthday, the workers offered prayers at the Ganges Ghat.

On the occasion of PM Modi’s birthday, the workers offered prayers at the Ganges Ghat.

Mo. Asif said that Prime Minister Modi is our guardian. Being a Member of Parliament for Kashi, he has given a lot to Kashi. May he always be healthy and keep efficient leadership, this is what Allah has prayed for. He has worked for the country by rising above caste religion.

70 kg laddu offered to Hanuman ji on 70th birthday
Dr. Arvind Singh, the president of Media Research and Welfare Society, the organizer of the 70 kg Laddu program along with Hanumat Mrityunjaya recitation at Hanuman Mandir located in Journalist Puram, will be celebrated on Prime Minister Modi’s birthday by distributing it to the child of the colony.

On completion of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pledge to form a government of absolute majority, on September 16 last year, Sankat Mochan Hanumanji was offered a gold crown of 125 kg by Arvind Singh. Arvind Singh said that the Central Government should be empowered and empowered by the enemies. To overcome, Hanuman Chalisa was recited by 11 Brahmins for the longevity of the Prime Minister.

Fireworks broke out on the occasion of Modi's birthday.

Fireworks broke out on the occasion of Modi’s birthday.



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