Firing on Uttar Pradesh BJP Leader Ashwani Pawar in Shamli | BJP leader accuses- SOG fired for killing; Torture carried out from home all night, CCTV viral

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Shamli3 minutes ago

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After the information about the incident, his supporters reached the BJP leader’s house on Wednesday morning.

A case of firing on BJP leader Ashwani Pawar has been reported in Uttar Pradesh’s Shamli district. It is alleged that this firing was done by the SOG team of the police. In the firing of four rounds, one bullet was hit in the hands of the kin of the BJP leader, while three bullets went into the car. After the firing, the police detained Ashwani and tortured him all night. A CCTV related to this incident has also surfaced. On getting information of firing, his supporters reached home on Wednesday morning. So far no statement of any police officer has come in this case.

Delhi-Saharanpur Road Case

The entire case is from Delhi-Saharanpur Road in Kandhla area. Here, BJP leader Ashwani Panwar, a resident of the town’s Alam, came to Kandhla with some of his family members for some work. As soon as he started towards the village, the SOG team, already sitting in a restaurant on the road, surrounded the BJP leader’s car and fired. The BJP leader ran the vehicle as soon as it was fired.

BJP leader's car.

BJP leader’s car.

BJP leader released in the morning

BJP leader Ashwini Pawar alleges that she was chased and fired at by a police car. When they reached home, SOG and CO Kairana Jitendra Kumar forcibly took them to the police station and tortured them all night. At the same time, he also threatened to be falsely prosecuted. In this whole incident, Manish Kumar, a family member of Ashwani, is also shot in the hand. While three bullets are on his car. As soon as the BJP leader arrived at his house this morning, a large crowd of his supporters gathered at the residence. The BJP leader has accused the SOG of trying to kill him with a team tax. Said that the police want to kill him.

Blood spilled on the back seat of the car.

Blood spilled on the back seat of the car.

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