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First Ever Coin Exhibition In Tamil Nadu’s Namakkal Gives Glimpse Into Currencies From Chola Era – News18

Last Updated: October 11, 2023, 18:15 IST

The currency notes and coins from around 200 nations are at display at the exhibition.

The Namakkal coin exhibition has been organised to raise awareness among the people about ancient coins.

Coins have long played a pivotal role in archaeological research giving an insight into business and trades in the ancient era. These small metal discs give a glimpse into the historical events, geographical locations, and the names and images of reigning monarchs. Moreover, our understanding of an empireโ€™s economic status hinges on an analysis of the metal composition of its coins. By examining the distribution patterns of coins, researchers can trace territorial boundaries, unveiling the extent of a kingdomโ€™s dominion and shedding light on crucial trade connections. In essence, coins stand as tangible reflections of the wealth and influence of cities and states, making them a compelling source of fascination for history enthusiasts and scholars. Itโ€™s no surprise that ancient coins often find themselves on display in museums and exhibitions, captivating audiences with their rich historical significance.

Namakkal, a town in Tamil Nadu, is currently hosting its first-ever coin exhibition, an event that seeks to raise public awareness about the cultural and historical significance of ancient coins, stamps and currency notes. The exhibition showcases a diverse array of coins used by various dynasties, including the Chola kings, Pandya kings, the Chera Empire, and the Mughal Empire. Over three days, visitors can explore this treasure trove of history.

Apart from the coins, the exhibition also presents stamps and banknotes from over 200 nations, offering an international perspective on currency and historical trade. Alongside these currency artefacts, a wide range of other historical items is on display, including kudhidi, kuruwal, vintage cameras, phones, radios, and binoculars, providing a comprehensive glimpse into the past. Of particular interest are the unique silver coins issued by the Government of India, of Rs 125 and Rs 75 denominations.

The exhibition has seen a huge footfall after its opening. Ancient coin collector Chandrasekaran expressed his delight at the extensive collection on display, even noting that some of the coins were previously unfamiliar to him. Prakash, a visitor from Namakkal, found the exhibition to be an eye-opening experience, marvelling at the opportunity to view such a diverse array of ancient coins and historical artefacts, some of which he had never encountered before.

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