First Lohri after Vicky-Kat’s marriage: Romantic dance performed on light music in Indore, both will stay here for a few days seeing the rising Kovid

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Bollywood queen Katrina Kaif and actor Vicky Kaushal celebrated their first Lohri post marriage in Indore. Vicky belongs to a Punjabi family. A special Lohri celebration was organized by the hotel for the newly wed couple. In the back area of ​​Hotel Park, the couple did a romantic dance on light music. On this occasion, Katrina appeared in Punjabi look. He was wearing a red salwar-kurta and black jacket. Vicky was in normal dress up.

Vicky is in Indore for the shooting of his upcoming movie Lukachuppi 2. His co-actress in the film is Sara Ali Khan. Due to this, Katrina and Sara’s mother Amrita Singh are also in Indore. Sara and Amrita were not seen in this celebration. The next shooting of the film will now take place in Mandu-Maheshwar on January 25 and 26. Till then Vicky-Kat has decided to stay in Indore in view of the rising Kovid.

‘Luka Chuppi 2’ is based on middle class family
In the film, actor Vicky Kaushal and actress Sara Ali Khan have been told to belong to a middle class family. Vicky Kaushal plays a yoga teacher and Sara Ali Khan plays a teacher. In the film, both are also going to be seen trying to buy their own house. Due to which the film will also be shot in the housing unit of the Housing Board being built in Snehlataganj area. Here both the artists will find a new abode for themselves. Soon, a set will be set up for shooting here.

See, the pictures of the couple and the shooting …

Katrina had come to Indore on the night of 7 January.

The couple got married in December 2021.

The couple got married in December 2021.

In Indore itself, both of them also celebrated Wedding First Month.

In Indore itself, both of them also celebrated Wedding First Month.

The film was shot in Rajbara and other areas in Indore.

The film was shot in Rajbara and other areas in Indore.

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