First time a woman met an MLA in 2018; Bid – I am divorced, MLA said – I do not even have a wife, will get married; Bluffed | First time a woman met an MLA in 2018; Bid – I am divorced, MLA said – I do not even have a wife, will get married; Bluffed

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UdaipurA minute agoAuthor: Smit Paliwal

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Gogunda MLA Pratap Lal Gameti. – (File photo)

A woman living in Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh has been accused of rape against Gogunda MLA Pratap Lal Gameti of Udaipur. The complainant gave a written complaint to Udaipur IG Satyaveer Singh. In which the woman told that MLA Pratap Lal exploited her for 3 years by bluffing her marriage. But now he has turned away from marriage. On which Udaipur IG has handed over the investigation of the case to CBCID.

MLA Pratap and woman had their first meeting in Neemuch
The woman said that MLA Pratap Lal Gameti had reached Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh to attend a social event. Where she met MLA Pratap for the first time in 2018. In the meantime, the conversation between the two grew and within a few days the conversation turned into friendship. In the meantime, when the woman reveals that she is divorced. So the MLA also said that I do not get along with my wife and we both live separately. After this, the proximity of the woman and MLA Gameti increased and both decided to marry.

Later MLA Gameti promised the woman and said that I will agree to marry all of us in our house. And soon we will marry everyone’s consent. But even after a long time, it did not happen. After this, on 8 November 2020, the MLA called the woman to Udaipur. The woman then reached Udaipur and Pratap Lal Gameti took her to a plate near the Celebration Mall. Where the woman was raped After this, when the woman talked about marrying Gameti, Gameti postponed that. And sent the woman again to Neemuch.

MLA’s wife had threatened to kill the woman
In November 2020, when the victim woman called up MLA Pratap on his mobile to talk to him. So MLA Gameti threatened the woman and got her to talk to his wife. After this, Pratapi, wife of MLA Pratap, also spoke abusive call on the woman and threatened to kill her.

Explain that the complainant is a resident of Neemuch in Madhya Pradesh. The woman has held various positions in the former councilor and organization of the Bharatiya Janata Party. Dainik Bhaskar asked the victim woman to know his side. So the lady said that I have put my complaint before the police, I do not want to say anything on this whole matter now.


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