Five kg gas cylinder found in the cabin, there was a fire in the LPG capsule. Five kg gas cylinder found in cabin, LPG capsule caught fire

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Torn 5 kg gas cylinder found in driver’s cabin

A fire broke out in an LPG capsule on the Etawah Bareilly Highway in Farrukhabad on Sunday morning. Where the tire tubes including the cabin of the capsule were burnt to ashes. The fire brigade personnel brought the fire under control with a lot of effort. During this investigation, one thing has come out. Where the investigation team found a 5 kg torn gas cylinder in the driver’s cabin. It is being speculated that there was a gas leak from the first cylinder and the cabin caught fire. After this, the fire got worse due to the explosion of the cylinder.

It is illegal to contain flammable substances in capsules
A fire broke out in the district on Sunday morning near Nand village under Mohammadabad police station area in an LPG capsule. The petrol pump is only 150 meters away from the place where the fire broke out. In the investigation of Indane Bottling Plant officials, a torn 5 kg cooking gas cylinder was found in the cabin of the driver of the capsule. Safety officer Harjeet, who came from Shahjahanpur, told that it is illegal to keep flammable material in the capsule. The fire broke out after a 5 kg gas cylinder sold in the market exploded. Whereas the cabin of the capsule should not contain any flammable material. Maybe that’s why the driver ran away from the spot.

The capsule contained 17 tons of gas

The investigation team told that the LPG capsule which caught fire. It was filled with 17 tons of gas, if the fire of the capsule had reached the gas, then a big accident could have happened.

Traffic started after 10 pm

The Etawah Bareilly Highway was closed after the LPG gas capsule caught fire. Where after the fire was extinguished, the gas filled in the capsule was transferred to another capsule, during which it was 10 o’clock in the night. After this, traffic was started on Etawah Bareilly Highway.

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