Five people gang-raped a teenager on the strength of Katta, now stumbling rate of justice for justice; Warns of self-immolation in front of the assembly | Girl kidnapped and gang raped; The stumbling father said, “If I don’t get justice, I will commit suicide with my daughter.”

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  • Five People Gang raped A Teenager on the Strength of Katta, Now Stumbling Rate of Justice for Justice; Warns of self immolation in front of the assembly

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A case of gang-rape of a 14-year-old minor girl by five people has been reported in Barabanki district. The family members allege that despite the intervention of the court, no action has been taken against the accused so far.

  • Fearing the accused, the victim’s family left the village, harassing them with the help of money
  • Family’s allegation – Police is mixed with the accused, that’s why no action is being taken

Five people gang-raped along with a 14-year-old minor girl in Barabanki district of Uttar Pradesh. The victim girl and her father allege that the police are not helping them and have met the accused. Due to which not a single accused has been arrested so far. The victim’s father has warned that if his girl does not get justice, he will burn himself and his girl in front of the assembly.

According to the information, the entire incident of gang rape is from Sheikhpur Alipur village of Fatehpur police station area. Where a 14-year-old minor girl went out of the house at night for defecation. Just then, five men caught hold of him and gangraped on the strength of Katta and threatened to kill him and his father if they told anyone about it. Due to which she got scared and did not tell anything to anyone at that time.

The woman told that due to fear of threats from those people, we are leaving the village and living in Lucknow. The woman alleged that all the five people were harassing her with the help of money and the police-administration was also not taking any action against them. The girl’s father told that his girl had gone out of the house for defecation, when five people together, on the way, did wrongful turn-by-turn with her.

He said that they were tired of circling the police station, but no one reported his report. After that, when we came to court after getting upset, the accused started intimidating her. Due to which we had to leave the village and now he is leaving the village and working in Lucknow to feed himself and his daughter.

Despite the intervention of the court, no action was taken against the accused

The victim’s father said that despite the intervention of the court, the accused are not being arrested. He alleged that in this case the police also met the other party, due to which no action is being taken. The father alleged that his girl had written the names of the five accused, but only the names of two people were written in the case. The father warned that if he does not get justice, he will burn himself and the girl in front of the assembly.



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