Five Smart Bio Awards announced

The Bengaluru Tech Summit on Saturday showed that biological sciences are integral to the tech ecosystem. This year the Smart Bio Awards were conferred on companies and organisations in five categories.

Fibroheal Woundcare, a healthcare biotech startup that has developed biomaterial-based wound healing products, was recognised as the ‘Startup of the year’. The products, containing bio-active silk protein, heal wound faster and with reduced scar formation.

Nibedit Dey, founder and CEO of Ibrum Technologies, a multidisciplinary engineer and creative technologist with a background in biomedical engineering, embedded system and biodesign, was named ‘Innovator of the year’. The company is developing a novel point-of-care pneumonia screening device for primary healthcare users to screen and refer babies with early symptoms.

Kavitha Iyer Rodrigues, co-founder and CEO of Zumutor Biologics Pvt. Ltd., was recognised as the ‘Woman entrepreneur of the year’ for her entrepreneurial acumen and leadership qualities. Zumutor is focused on developing novel techniques for fighting cancerous tumours.

ShanMukha Innovations’ product was named the ‘Best product against COVID-19’. It seeks to bring the diagnostic lab to the samples through translation of technologies developed at the lab into products and solutions for the Indian market. The company has developed Mobile Infection Testing and Reporting Labs to provide RT-PCR testing infrastructure.

Jalodbust, recognised as the ‘Best social enterprise/institute’, is working on the problems of manual scavenging and exposure of sanitation workers to disease, drudgery, and social ignominy.


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