Flood threat in coastal areas, weather also changed Flood threat in coastal areas, weather also changed

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Saryu river near danger mark in Ayodhya, flood threat in many areas

The water level of Saryu in Ayodhya has reached near the danger mark. It is only 3 cm away from the danger mark. This has increased the risk of flooding in the coastal areas. On the other hand, there was a change in the weather on Monday. A sudden rise of four degrees Celsius was recorded in the morning temperature. Due to this people appeared troubled by the sultry heat.

Saryu’s water level three cm below the danger mark

The flood risk has increased in Ayodhya and Gonda due to the continuous release of water from the Giriraj barrage. The water level of Saryu reached 92.00 at eight o’clock on Monday morning. The danger mark is 92.30. That is, the water level of the Saryu river is three cm below the danger mark. Aman Chaudhary, in-charge of the Central Water Commission, Ayodhya, said that the flow of Saryu has increased rapidly on Monday. The water level has increased by 7 cm in the last 24 hours. He said that the water level would cross the danger mark in the next 24 hours.

Flood risk due to rising water level

Due to the continuous rise in the water level of Saryu in Ayodhya, the danger of flood has increased in the coastal areas of the district. Along with this, some areas of Gonda and Basti districts adjoining Ayodhya border are also facing the threat of flood. In the last 24 hours, the water of the river has started reaching the fields in many areas of Nawabganj of Gonda and Vikramjot area of ​​Basti. Ramkishan Yadav of Durgaganj Majha told that if this situation continues, then in the coming days several hundred acres of crops will be submerged by the flood waters. In view of the threat of flood, the administration has also started preparations.

This picture is of Pushpraj crossroads of Ayodhya.  There are light clouds in the sky here.

This picture is of Pushpraj crossroads of Ayodhya. There are light clouds in the sky here.

change in weather

A change in the weather was observed on Monday in nine districts of Ayodhya and Devipatan Mandal. Here people appeared helpless due to the scorching sun and sultry heat from the morning. The temperature in the morning rose by 4 degree Celsius. The morning temperature was recorded at 30 degree Celsius. According to the forecast of the Meteorological Department, the day temperature will be around 36 degree Celsius. According to Acharya Narendra Dev Agricultural Technological University, according to Prof. Amarnath Mishra, there will be light cloudy sky in the next 24 hours. There is a chance of rain in some areas.

Take measures to avoid floods

  • Turn off the main power switch.
  • Keep valuables and papers of the house with you or take them to the upper floor.
  • Fill household plastic bottles with water.
  • If you get caught in the flood, inform the authorities about it.
  • Do not walk in running water.
  • Do not drive on a submerged road. Find some other way.
  • If your car stops in rising water, then immediately leave the car and go towards the higher area.
  • Be very careful of a fallen power cord. There is also this danger from submerged electric wires in the house.
  • Snakes and other animals can enter your house, beware of them.
  • Help the elderly, children and handicapped nearby.

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