Flop Star Power in Politics: No big star’s magic, local issues prevailed over glamor in Kamal Haasan to Sayani Ghosh elections in 5 states

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MumbaiOne hour agoAuthor: Manisha Bhalla

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  • Actors Mohan Ram, Khushboo Sundar and Chiranjeevi Chakraborty have a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar

There are many types of analysis of the assembly elections in Bengal, Assam, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, but one thing is special in these election results that the glimpses of the film stars in front of political issues and leaders have been dull. Political parties in Bengal have brought the most stars into the arena of politics. Also made Star campaigner, but in the end Star power flopped in front of local issue and political faces.

Kamal’s necklace is the worst
How important Kamal Haasan is in Tamil cinema, there is no telling this. It is also true that perhaps the craze of cinema like Tamil Nadu is not seen anywhere in India. Jayalalithaa, M. Karunanidhi and M.G. Ramachandran all came into politics from cinema. This time Stalin, who is going to become the Chief Minister after winning the election, has also become popular with cinema. Stalin’s son Udayagiri, who became the most talked about face in this election, has also been an actor.
Kamal is considered to be a stalwart of Tamil films. From ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’ to ‘Aunty 420’, Hindi audiences have also given him a lot of love. Kamal formed his party Makkal Neidi Maam (Jan Nyay Party) three years ago. In the vacuum created in Tamil Nadu following the demise of both Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi, expectations were raised by Kamal, but Kamal lost to Coimbatore’s Vaniti Srinivasan from the seat in Coimbatore South. The BJP is not even a party of such stature in Tamil Nadu. Yet Kamal had to face defeat, this proves that even people who liked Kamal’s films did not like him as a politician.

Basmati Rice is the star only in the biryani of politics
In a conversation with Bhaskar, Mohan, a noted actor of Tamil films, said that he is not at all surprised by Kamal’s defeat. If you want to make good biryani, then apart from basmati rice, a good cook, spices, utensils, oil, vegetables, non-veg all are needed. In politics, the actor is just basmati rice, but he needs more to win. There is no doubt that Kamal Haasan was considered a good batsman of politics, but the opposition turned out to be a good bowler. Kamal will have to work hard to gain public confidence right now. Tamil actress Sripriya and actor and lyricist Snehan from Kamal’s party have also lost the election.

BJP leader and actress Khushboo Sundar.

BJP leader and actress Khushboo Sundar.

Khushboo admitted: there is no scale to win the popularity election
If Kamal Haasan loses in front of the BJP, Khushboo Sundar, who joined the BJP a few months ago, also lost the election. Popular actress Khushboo of her era started her political journey in 2010 with DMK. She was with the Congress party from 2014 to 2020. In October 2020, she left the Congress and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party. Khushboo was a candidate from Thousand Lights constituency in Chennai.
Talking to Bhaskar, Khushboo said that ‘the media sees us through the magnified glass of being an actor, whereas it should not be so. Other people have also lost elections. If we are popular then popularity is not a measure of winning any election. This time there was a wave of DMK, in which even super stars like Kamal Haasan could not make it. Khushboo is happy that Kamal is the BJP leader who had defeated Haasan. She says this victory from Coimbatore suggests that the BJP’s account is open in Tamil Nadu.

Nearly all celebs of BJP lost in Bengal
Theater actor Baratya Basu from the Trinamool Congress in Bengal, Director Raj Chakraborty, singer Aditi Munshi, actor Chiranjeev, actor Lovely Mitra, theater actor Nayana Bandopadhyay, cricketer Manoj Tiwari, former footballer Bidesh Bose, actor Kanchan Malik, singer Indranil Sen, actor June Malihan Has won the election. While actor Sayani Ghosh has lost the election from Trinamool. Actor Sayantika Banerjee and Kaushani Mukherjee have also lost.

Among the celebrities contesting on a BJP ticket, barring fashion design Agnimitra Paul, veteran actors and singers like Babul Supriyo, Lockett Chatterjee and Yash Dasgupta lost the election. Babul is also an MP and a minister in the central government, but he could not win the assembly in Mamta’s storm. Arup Biswas of Trinamool has won elections in front of Babylon. Jaya Bachchan also reached Tollyganj to promote Arup Biswas. Then Babylon had told that we have a good relationship with Jaya Bachchan, I hope she will not speak anything against me. This statement itself was perhaps showing Babylon’s lack of confidence.

Bengali cinema superstar Chiranjeev Chakraborty.

Bengali cinema superstar Chiranjeev Chakraborty.

Because, the vote falls in the name of Didi
Superstar Chiranjeev Chakraborty, who won the Trinamool Congress by a third time by a huge vote, told Bhaskar that out of 292 seats, we had 16 candidates from the field of sports and cinema. Almost all have won, but almost all the actors who were given tickets by the BJP have lost because the vote in Bengal is in the name of Didi. Didi used to say in the meetings that you don’t look at the candidates, look at me. Chiranjeev Chakraborty, who has worked in more than 300 films, says that there has always been a political consciousness among Bengal artists. There have been filmmakers like Satyajit Ray and Bimal Roy, who used to have their own political stand.

Gemini is the biggest loser
Mithun Chakraborty was brought up just before the Bengal elections. Mithun, who was also a Rajya Sabha MP from Trinamool, had gathered crowds in his rally after he joined BJP and was projected as the ‘son of Bengal’, after which there was political speculation that BJP might get a majority. Mithun can also be a candidate for the Chief Minister’s chair. Mithun’s magic did not work. In the desire to become the Chief Minister, he also left the Rajya Sabha seat. Mithun left Mamta, but people did not.

Political analyst Dr Alimullah Khan, associated with the Congress, says that even in a state like Kerala, National Award Winner Star like actor Suresh Gopi has lost the election because people have understood the ground issues, they have understood the difference between the glare and the issues. People have come to know who will do their work and who will disappear after victory. After these results, most political parties will probably think before giving tickets to celebs.

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