Foodie And Travelling To Pondicherry? Try Out These 6 Places

If you are planning for a nice gateway, Puducherry is your answer. Steeped in history, and blessed by nature, this place reflects a beautiful confluence of different cultures including Tamil, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Anglo-Indian and others. Also known as Pondicherry, this is one of the most popular tourist places in India. The picturesque beaches, mesmerising French architecture and of course, gorgeous cafes make for some of the major places of attraction for tourists. Now, let us come to yet another important point, food. After all, most people travel to gorge on amazing food and explore distinct cuisines. Pondicherry doesn’t have a dearth of aesthetically appealing cafes and restaurants where you can definitely find something of your choice. The other remarkable thing is the special French cuisine available at various places. So, if visiting Puducherry is on your list, here are seven popular places that serve decent food.

Cafe des Arts

This is one of the most beautiful cafes in the city. Known for its eye-catching ambience, including bright yellow walls and graffiti art, the entire vibe of the place makes you feel good. The sitting arrangement is top notch and even certain home décors objects like typewriters, or gramophones among others, exude classic vintage vibes. Apart from a good breakfast or brunch, you can go to this place for clicking some memorable pictures for Instagram and spending fun time with your friends.

Baker street

Your visit to Pondicherry will seem incomplete if you do not visit Baker Street. No matter how many days you have planned a trip to this city, don’t forget to savour a sumptuous breakfast at Baker Street on one of the days. This place is a paradise for dessert lovers. It opens up early in the morning at around 7:30 am. Baker Street is a one-stop destination for French, Indian, and Indo-French baked food items. Right from a variety of sandwiches, burgers, croissants, pastries, cakes and mousses to a whole lot of other delights, you’ll find everything here.

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Crêpe in Touch

One of your aims behind this trip should be exploring some unique, finger-licking French food. Crêpe in Touch located in the MG road area serves some fantastic crepes. These are simply delicious, thin pancakes prepared in countless ways. Be it sweet or savoury, this place has to offer you an array of options to decide for yourself. Generally, savoury crepes contain fillings of cherry tomatoes, pesto, fresh cream, eggs, bacon, ham, whereas, sweet crepes have butter or chocolate and even caramel. Sounds interesting. Isn’t it? Also, don’t expect it to be a café or a proper fine dining restaurant, it has a homely setup that will make you feel at peace.

Villa Shanti

Away from the hustle-bustle of city life, this place is calm and peaceful. So, if you want to go and relax with your loved ones, go to Villa Shanti. Contrary to the bright-coloured walls popular in Pondicherry, this place is painted in muted shades of grey and beige. Well, the beauty of this place lies in its simplicity. Basically, Villa Shanti is divided into two parts, the open patio and the vertical garden. Talking about the food, it has some brilliant things for food lovers.

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Maison Perumal

This place can be the epicentre of fusion food culture. Why are we saying this? Well, that’s because Maison Perumal has some drool-worthy Franco-Tamil cuisine to serve. Be it traditional authentic Tamil dishes like Muttai Kuzhambhu, Vada Curry, Sutta era, Milagu Kozhi or even cocktails served after the well-known personalities from the French era like Pedro Kanakaraya, this should be on your list whenever you visit Pondicherry.

Coromandel cafe

This place is hyped up for many reasons. Once you enter Coromandel cafe, you will be smitten by the attractive interiors and lavish arrangements. They have furniture from the colonial era, muted lighting and a perfectly curated menu that works like icing on the cake. If you happen to go to this cafe, don’t forget to try something from their signature cocktails.

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