Football: News of the death of Super Agent Raiola went viral, posted himself on social media and told that I am alive

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The iconic football agent Mino Raiola is alive and in the hospital. The news of his death had gone viral. Raiola himself had to give proof of his existence through social media. Actually, on Thursday night there were reports that Raiola, the super agent of the football world, has died. Such news spread in the Italian media. Gradually, such things started happening in many media outlets in Europe as well that he passed away. Raiola, one of football’s most powerful and highest-paid agents, had to tweet – I am alive. This tweet is for those who contemplate my passing. They have killed me for the second time in four months.

His statement came after Alberto Zangrillo, a doctor at Milan’s San Raffaele Hospital, told a news agency that he was angry with a group of journalists who circulate such false and speculative news. Some people are spreading rumors about a man (Rayola) battling between life and death and fighting to survive.

Rayella has been battling a serious illness since January.

Italian-born Raiola has been battling a serious illness since January. He has been hospitalized since then. He is the agent of superstar footballers such as Paul Pogba, Gianluigi Donnaruma, Arling Hollande, Mario Balotelli, Matthias de Lit, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Raiola grew up in the Netherlands. He was part of the youth team of Dutch football club HFC Haarleim. He entered the football agency world as an interpreter. Pavel Nedved of the Czech Republic was his first big client. However, due to Raiola’s outspoken approach, he was often not the choice of club managers. Raiola’s health condition could affect several big summer transfers this time around. United’s Paul Pogba’s contract will expire after the current season. This will raise questions about their future. However, PSG wants to include him with them. At the same time, Haalend is also one of the most sought after strikers. City and Real Madrid are the frontrunners to buy him.

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