Football passion: children from 6 to 12 years travel 70 km for the tournament

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Latseh (Meghalaya)15 minutes ago

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Children playing in the first Golden Baby League.

More than 350 children took part in the first Golden Baby League held in Latseh, a village in Meghalaya. The special thing is that many of these children arrived here after traveling 70 kilometers from the mountainous regions of Meghalaya. The All India Football Federation (AIFF) quoted Gilbert Jackson, the operator of the league, as saying that many children leave home early in the morning to participate in the league. Many children reach here from many miles away to play matches with their respective teams.

What is golden baby league

The purpose of starting the Golden Baby League is to inspire the new generation of boys and girls to play from an early age. AIFF started the league in 2018 for children from 6 to 12 years. The aim is to provide football facilities to children without discrimination of gender, religion and economic status.

Many community children participate in the league

Gilbert Jackson said children from different communities participate in this league. Many of whom get up at 6 am and travel 70 km. It is heartening to see that children and their parents are so aware of the game. It is an inspiration for us to organize such events. According to tournament organizers, the match recorded good attendance rates across all age groups.

All teams arrived to play matches

Gilbert said that all the children were very excited about the league, as it is a nationwide initiative. This ground is far away, but still the players feel at home here. It was the first edition of the Golden Baby League, but all teams arrived to play matches nonetheless. None of the matches were played due to the absence of the player.

Will create separate league for girls

Gilbert said he plans to form a separate league for girls as well. It will encourage people. With this, more and more parents will be able to send their daughters to play football. He said that our main objective is to make a place in the hearts of people about football at the ground level. Also with such initiatives, we will be able to attract more clubs.


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