For the prevention of power theft by the Electricity Department, a raiding campaign was conducted in the block area. FIR lodged against consumer for electricity theft

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A raid was conducted by the Electricity Department in the block area for the prevention of theft of electricity, where the son of Mir Alipur village resident Ram Vilas Singh was accused of bypassing the electricity meter in the village of Mir Alipur in the block area and using electric energy in the fodder machine in his agricultural premises. Shwet Kamal Singh has been fined Rs 35274 by the Electricity Department. Along with this, an FIR has been lodged in this regard by Piyush Kumar Rai, Junior Electrical Engineer of Ballia by applying to the local police station. In the application given to the police station, it has been told that a raiding team was constituted on Wednesday. The team which included Junior Engineer Piyush Kumar Rai, Assistant Electrical Engineer Shiv Shankar Singh, Sarani Man Rajeev Prasad Singh, Manav Bal Amritanshu Chaudhary etc.

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