“Foreigners Will Seek Jobs Here,” Says Punjab Chief Minister, Slammed

Rs 15 lakh also leaves the country per person, Bhagwant Mann said on youth going abroad.

New Delhi:

Even foreigners will come to Punjab seeking jobs, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann said today while speaking about the ‘brain drain’ from the state. The remark has drawn flak from the opposition and the youth as well who said Mr Mann should focus on the state’s issues rather than fantasising about ‘white people’ coming to Punjab.

“Even this year there’s a possibility of 3 lakh children going abroad. Not just our children, Rs 15 lakh also leaves the country per person. Give us some time, we will create such an environment that foreigners will come seeking jobs in Punjab,” Mr Mann said in a video clip shared on his Twitter handle. Pointing to the cost of leaving, he appealed to the youth to not go abroad and instead serve the country by staying back. This ‘brain drain’ must stop, he added and gave assurances that nobody will need to move in search of opportunities.

Punjab Congress MLA Sukhpal Singh Khaira was quick to respond. He tweeted a list of issues that the Chief Minister must focus on to “set our house in order” before foreigners approach the state.

“I really hope foreigners approach PB for jobs but before that we have to set our house in order! Ensure job opportunities for youth,maintain law & order,end corruption,depoliticise police & civil machinery,stop indebted farmers & labourers from committing suicides & a just rule,” he said. 

Speaking to NDTV, several young people also took a jibe at Mr Mann’s claim and requested him to focus on the problems of the state’s youth instead of fantasising about ‘white people’ coming to Punjab. “The youth has become victim to drug addiction and has been led to a dark path. Please focus on jobs and their welfare,” they said. 


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