Former minister’s daughter-in-law’s murder case: Nandroi absconding, said – I did not my brother has done blood, hid car in Bilaspur to confuse police, buses had run away after changing UP

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Raipur2 hours ago

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The young man seen in the picture is Ajay, who is alleged to have slaughtered his sister-in-law and ex-minister’s daughter-in-law Neha and her daughter because of not participating in the property.

  • In Khamhardih area of ​​Raipur, the mother-daughter was murdered a week ago, the dead bodies buried under the beds
  • The former minister’s daughter-in-law was shot to death for not participating in the property, two accused are already arrested

Police of Raipur brought a young man named Ajay Rai from UP on Friday. Police are describing it as the main accused in the murder case at Khamhardih police station about a week ago. As soon as the police got caught, it started telling a new story. Ajay said that I did not kill the deceased Neha and her 9-year-old daughter Ananya by my brother Dr. Anand. Now the police will interrogate the already arrested Dr. Anand and his nephew Deepak, who were involved in the murder, in remand. The three will be interrogated together to make it clear who did the murder. Earlier, Dr. Anand had charged Ajay’s head.

The body of the woman and her daughter was found in this condition

The body of the woman and her daughter was found in this condition

This is the whole case
The dead body of his daughter-in-law Neha and 9-year-old granddaughter Ananya were found inside the bed from the house of the late former minister near Satnam Chowk in Khamhardi on the night of 30 January. In this room, Neha’s Nandoi Dr. Anand Rai and his nephew Deepak Sayode were found hidden. Ajay had fled from here. Dr. Anand told that there was a fight between Neha and Ajay about giving share in the property to their wives i.e. Neha’s devarnis. Ajay stunned Neha and Ananya with shoe laces. He went to get the car behind the house, so Neha’s housemates came to the house to take his ploy, so we were caught but then Ajay had run away.

Confuse the police like this
Ajay Rai saw Neha’s housemates come that night. He immediately fled from there. Ajay fled to Bilaspur. There he parked his car in the railway station. The phone was used sparingly so that the police could not trace its location. Instead of leaving the car in the railway station, instead of the train, planned to run from the bus to UP. Meanwhile, he was not talking to anyone. Ajay reached Ayodhya after changing different buses.

On January 24, Neha celebrated her daughter's birthday, 6 days later both were killed.

On January 24, Neha celebrated her daughter’s birthday, 6 days later both were killed.

This is how the police caught
In a quarrel a few years ago, Ajay attacked a person with a knife. He also went to jail then. In prison, he befriended a young man named Shiv Prakash of UP. Ajay was hidden near him. But before the action team of Raipur Police, all the planning was left behind. The police here got input that Ajay is in Ayodhya. Raipur SSP Ajay Yadav contacted Sultanpur SP. From there, a cyber team met the team of Raipur. After this Ajay was caught by raiding Shiva Prakash’s whereabouts.

Now what next
The police was till now describing Ajay as the main accused. The matter of the murder has been revealed due to the dispute over the stake in the property. But Ajay has put all the blame on his brother Dr. Anand. The police will interrogate Ajay as well as Dr. Anand on remand. This will make it clear who killed the person. Police hope that after the arrest of Ajay in this case more important information will be revealed.


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