Former MLA Ajay Rai’s security calls for protection from IG range, four arms license revoked | Former MLA Ajay Rai’s security calls for protection from IG range, four arms license revoked

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VaranasiOne hour ago

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Metropolitan president and district president along with dozens of activists arrived at the office of IG Range Vijay Singh Meena at Khajuri to meet former MLA Ajay Rai for security.

  • After Mukhtar Ansari in Uttar Pradesh, administration prepares to surround Ajay Rai

The government of Uttar Pradesh is campaigning against musclemen and mafias. The license of four arms of former MLA and senior Congress leader Ajay Rai has also been revoked. On Thursday, dozens of activists led by Congress District President Rajeshwar Patel and Metropolitan President Raghavendra Choubey reached the IG Range’s Khajuri office to demand a memorandum of protection for Ajay Rai. His PRO took over the memo.

Have also fought elections against PM Modi

Metropolitan president Raghavendra Choubey said that 26 cases have been cited on the former MLA. While 7 cases are at the time of lockdown. When he helped the people, the issue of farmers was raised. Rasuka has also been talked about. While he has been acquitted in many cases by the court. The cancellation of arms license is a malicious act. The government should provide them security. His brother Awadhesh Rai was killed. In which Ajay Rai is the main witness. Therefore his life is in danger.

The pistol was licensed in 2005 by Ajay Rai. On which he has not taken his weapon till today. DM Kaushal Raj Sharma canceled it. Three more arms licenses were also revoked. The revolver, rifle and PG gun were taken from the address of Delhi Lodhi Colony. All have been dismissed as there are 26 cases against Ajay Rai.


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