Former World number one Naomi Osaka withdraws from WTA semi-final over Jacob Blake’s shooting in US | Former World No.1 tennis player Osaka passes through the semi-finals of the Western Open tournament, saying the massacre of blacks at the hands of police is making me sick

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  • Former World Number One Naomi Osaka Withdraws From WTA Semi Final Over Jacob Blake’s Shooting In US

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Japan’s tennis player Naomi Osaka said- I know that my not playing tennis will not change much, but hopefully it will start a new debate. -File

  • On Sunday, two policemen shot seven-year-old Jacob Blake, 29, in front of his children in Wisconsin, US
  • Since this incident, protests have been taking place in several provinces of America, including Wisconsin, for action against convicted policemen.

People have been angry since the incident of the shooting of black Jacob Blake by policemen in Wisconsin, USA. Unhappy with the incident, world number-10 tennis player Naomi Osaka pulled out of the semi-finals of the Western and Southern Open WTA tennis tournament in New York. He gave this information by tweeting.

Osaka wrote that the massacre of blacks at the hands of the police is making me sick. I know that not playing tennis will not change much. But if I start arguing as a player, then I would consider it as a step in the right direction.

This type of excess should be stopped against blacks: Osaka

She further wrote – As a black woman, I felt that there are more important issues that need to be addressed immediately than watching me play tennis. Before I was an athlete, I was a black woman. Everyday a new hashtag comes up on Twitter about such a case. I am tired of all this. When will it stop?

Jacob was shot by policemen last Sunday

On Sunday, two policemen shot 29-year-old Jacob Blake seven bullets in the back of his children in the Kenosha area of ​​Wisconsin, USA. Since then, he is hospitalized. Demonstrations are taking place in several cities in the US in support of Jacob and demanding action against convicted police officers.

Two people died during firing in Kenosha

Things deteriorated on Wednesday during a demonstration in Kenosha. A man entered the protesters carrying a gun and started firing. After this, firing was also done by the police, in which two people died and one was injured.

Emergency was announced in Wisconsin on Tuesday

Earlier, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers also announced Emergency on Tuesday. He has ordered to increase the number of National Guard in the city. The protesters set the city center on fire 2 days ago. Many showrooms and vehicles were also set on fire. There are also performances in New York, Seattle and Minneapolis. Kenosha, with a population of one lakh, has 12% blacks, 67% whites.

Jacob may be bedridden
Jacob’s father Sr. Jacob Blake said on Tuesday that the lower part of my son Jacob’s body had stopped working. He has undergone surgery. Doctors have said that if he is able to walk again, miracles will happen. The police tried to ruthlessly murder my son. They (the police) shot him seven bullets as if there was no point in him being there. My son’s life is valued, because he is also a human being.


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