Four Muharram processions took out from Khurjewala Imambargah in Muzaffarnagar. procession of four Morrams came out from Khurjewala Imambargah in Muzaffarnagar, cried sogwar after Nohakhawani and Sinjani

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Sogwar Khurshid Haider holding Juljuna (Horse Imam) in the procession of four Muharram.

While concluding the Majlis at Khurjewala Imambargah, Muzaffarnagar, Maulana Haider Moulai Jarchavi said that Islam is alive after every Karbala. He said that in Karbala Imam Hussain did not listen to Yazid and told the people of the world what is truth and right.

He said that the first terrorist incident took place in the field of Karbala. Since then, Shia Sogwar have been protesting against terrorism by making nohkhawani and mourning.

Little Sogwar holding alum in his hands in the procession of Muharram.

Sogwar cried with the life of Juljuna

Four Muharram Majlis were held in Khurjewala Imambargah of the city. In the Majlis, Maulana Haider Moulai narrated the philosophy of Deen. He said that in the field of Karbala, Imam Hussain, the Nawasa Rasool (Grandson of Rasool), brought alive the deen of his maternal grandfather by offering sacrifices of himself and his family members.

Merciakhwani Tauqir Haider performed in Majlis. The procession was recovered after the Majlis. In which he cried sogwar after praying Juljuna (Horse Imam). The procession reached Khadar Wala from Khurjewala Imambargah, in front of Khalapar Arfi Imambargah.

From where Talabshah Row, passing through Qadir Rana’s old kothi, ended at Zahid Hall located in Kidwai Nagar, in front of Zainabiya Inter College. Khurshid Haider handled the juljuna. During this, small children were seen holding alums in their hands. Javed Abbas, Shabab Haider, Muharram Ali, Salis Haider, Nawab Haider, Ali Zaidi etc. were involved.

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