Four-Year-Old Ajinkya Breaks World Record For Recognizing Countries By Flags

Ajinkya Rammohan, a four and a half years old student of โ€˜The Shri Ram Schoolโ€™, Aravali in Gurugram has broken the world record for recognising countries, their respective capitals and continents by their flags.

By achieving the feat, Ajinkya has become the youngest child across the World to be able to recognize countries, their respective capitals and continents by their flags in 7 minutes and 40 seconds. He has also become the fastest child to name 50 states of the USA in 39 seconds.

According to Dr. Rammohan, Ajinkyaโ€™s father โ€œHe is always been an inquisitive child, and a quick learner. His interest, started as a curiosity and having an inclination to learn, but he has ended up chieving such a great honor. We are truly blessed with him and look forward to achieving more such laurels for his country. We wish to thank his coach and the renowned World Records Consultant Dr. Sushant P Mysorekar for his valuable time.โ€

International World Records which has awarded this laurel had appointed Dr. Anita Gupta as the invigilator to the process. The whole process was available live for the audience to witness on the D-day.

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