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Fraud in the name of government job. STF caught 5 thugs from Lucknow: They used to commit fraud by pretending to get government job.

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Sitting in Kanpur, master mind Vikas Yadav used to claim to help people get government funds and jobs.

UP STF arrested five people from Lucknow who were involved in fraud in the name of getting directorship in various ministries and board chairmanship and cheating in government departments in the name of transfer-posting. He has defrauded many people of lakhs of rupees in the name of work. Electronic equipment along with forged documents of many departments have been recovered from them.
They were committing fraud by forming an organization named RMSS.

All three used to work to trap the unemployed.

All three used to work to trap the unemployed.

According to ATF, Vikas Yadav, resident of Kisni Kammour, Mainpuri.

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