Free yourself from the Karmic baggage

There is a saying that “Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve.” Still, whatever menu you are being served with you can make it flavorful with your seasoning tricks. Karma is like planting seeds, if you plant peas you harvest peas only, if you plant peanuts you harvest peanuts only. Karma is not a noun but a verb, what action we have done, doing now, or keep on doing is Karma. Our past life karma is carried forwarded to the present life like the unused mobile data. As a result of our past good, or bad deeds we get good, or bad results. If someone treats you badly it is his karma, but the way you respond to it your karma. This is the law of the Universe and no one can escape from karma. This is the reason when someone is happy, healthy, the other one is unhappy, diseased and suffering. Karma is the intentional action through thoughts, words and deeds. But, karma can’t always be that ugly. What you had done in your past you have no knowledge of, but now what you are doing you are fully aware of this. Do better, much better and rise above the situation. For example; you fell down in a mud pit and got dirty, after coming out of that you won’t move in that dirty body, you will clean yourself thoroughly otherwise your body will look ugly and give odd smell, so you clean your body to free yourself from the mud. Similarly, you can cleanse your past life karma.

1) Be grateful: Be grateful for where you are, for who you are and whatever life has given you. Count your blessings. For every experience in your life; be it sweet, sour, salty, bitter, tangy, or peppery, just be grateful. It will make you feel better, and will improve your life.

2) Practice mindfulness: Mindfulness means completely being focused on the present moment. Don’t waste your time thinking about the past, just be in the moment and whatever you do, do it with full attention, right now, right here, at the present. For now onwards be happy, stay strong and positive, forget the past, don’t be scared about the future, and just be in the moment.

3) Practice the attitude of gratitude: Every day, express your gratitude towards the universe for everything. Be thankful for this life, for the fact that you are still breathing and alive, you have a family, people to love you, and the job you are doing, for everything. Prepare a list of the things you are grateful for. The more you will be thankful for what you have the more you will get surprises from the universe.

4) Act with love: Let your actions be guided by love, act with love towards everyone no matter what they have done to you, or how bad they are towards you.

5) Check your motives: Make sure that what you are doing is with good motives, intentions; you hold no grudge for anyone. Just be yourself, don’t pretend, and don’t lie, be the simple yet best version of you.

6) Positive thoughts: What your mind conceives is what you receive. Everything is created in mind; your thoughts too are your energy. If you hold negative thoughts you will attract more negativity to your life in the form of hatred, jealousy, anger, illnesses, poverty etc. But you need to change this pattern. Release anger, hatred, jealousy, resentment, bitterness and hard thought. If you start thinking positively, miracles start happening in your life.

7) Forget and forgive: Forget what you can’t change, forget all that is unpleasant. Accept yourself the way you are. Be innocent like a baby and love yourself, forget the wrong things you have done, if you have hurt anyone. Just start afresh. Forgive your enemies, forgive the people who have done wrong with you, forgive all. Be in peace with yourself and others.

8) Cultivate good habits: Smile, be happy and focus on love, compassion, sympathy, peace, honesty, truth. Turn your weaknesses into your strength, rectify your mistakes, and make yourself free from all that is unwanted, unsolicited. Love the people around you, love the birds, animals, nature, help others, do some charity, help the poor and needy, feed the hungry. Don’t lie, and hurt anyone. Take it as a habit and first do it for 21 or 30 days and slowly make it a daily habit. For the first 30days take it as a mission not to lie, not to hurt anybody, not to be cruel, harsh, and rude to others, help the needy, help others as much as possible, be grateful, express gratitude.

9) Practice affirmations: Affirmation is the act of confirming something is true. Affirmations are dynamic and practical not wishful thinking. When you think a particular thought repeatedly it becomes reality. So make a list of the things you need in your life be it money, job, success, health or happiness whatever and focus on them, start thinking as if you already got them. Every day practice affirmations, money affirmations, health affirmations, and whatever you need and the universe is ready to give you. Affirmations influence the subconscious mind and activate their powers. You need to practice affirmations day in day out. Say affirmations at least twice a day, once in the morning immediately after getting up and before going to bed at night. Make a commitment to do them for 30 days no matter what.

10) Pray, meditate: Along with all the good thoughts start doing prayer, and meditate every day. Choose a calm place, sit silently, take deep breath, and meditate. Live with the feeling that you are gifted, you are always protected, guided, healed and loved by the universe and it is working in your favour.

Practicing all these will bring positive changes in you and it will reduce the negative effects of your past karma.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.


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