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From A Rising Star To Yogini, These Incidents Changed The Career Of Mamta Kulkarni

Mamta was meant to take the crown of Bollywood’s top actress, but was slowly forgotten.

Bollywood has many captivating stories, and one of them is that of actress Mamta Kulkarni.

Controversies can have both positive and negative effects. In the Hindi film industry, they have boosted the stardom of actors like Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan but have also caused harm to the careers of others such as Shiney Ahuja and Fardeen Khan. Bollywood has many captivating stories, and one of them is that of actress Mamta Kulkarni.

Mamta Kulkarni got her first break in the movie Tiranga in 1992, which featured renowned actors such as Raj Kumar, Nana Patekar, Varsha Usgaonkar and Harish, although her role was small. Her appearance in this movie helped Mamta secure a few relatively larger roles in films such as Ashaant, Aashiq Awara and Waqt Hamara Hai in 1993.

90s Bold Photoshoot That Shook The Entire Industry

A popular magazine sought a photographer named Jayesh Sheth to capture photos that were seductive for their cover, to shake up the entire Bollywood. Eventually, the magazine’s management decided to take a chance on a new face who had no established image and could create a sensation. They considered several candidates but ultimately decided to approach Mamta for the shoot.

Mamta’s Hollywood fascination inspired her to go ahead with the photoshoot for the magazine, but she had certain conditions that needed to be met. The magazine’s management agreed, and the photoshoot began with Mamta posing topless.

The magazine was released in September 1993 and reportedly sold out very quickly. Despite its success with the public, the entire Bollywood was shocked by the magazine’s cover featuring Mamta. However, her decision to pose topless was not well-received by many people. This made Mamta realize that she had made a significant mistake and that she had upset many people.

Mamta’s Connection With The Underworld

Mamta Kulkarni was a popular figure in the film industry during the 1990s and enjoyed considerable success after making her debut in the film Tirangaa in 1993. At the time, the influence of the underworld on the film industry was significant, with the mafia investing heavily in Bollywood movies.

Mamta Kulkarni was in a relationship with Chhota Rajan, who was a henchman of notorious underworld don Dawood Ibrahim. However, their relationship came to an end when Chhota Rajan left India.

Despite her successful career, Mamta Kulkarni suddenly disappeared from Bollywood. There were reports that she had married Vicky Goswami, who was associated with the drug mafia. In 2017, Mamta made headlines when the Thane Police in Mumbai issued a non-bailable warrant against her and Vicky after a narcotics raid.

Mamta Kulkarni denied owning the alleged Rs. 2000 crore mentioned by the police. She clarified that whatever she owned was earned through her hard work in the Bollywood industry. Mamta also mentioned that her perspective on life had changed, and she was willing to let the police take away her possessions. She referred to herself as a Yogini and stated that the police could take anything from her.

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