From social media: Malaika Arora talked about motherhood, said – people used to say that career will end after becoming a mother

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Bollywood actress Malaika Arora has shared a special video with fans through social media on the occasion of Mother’s Day. In this video, she talks about the birth of son Arhaan and the problems faced by motherhood in her professional life. At the same time, she has also told that when she became a mother, she was 28 years old. At the same time, people used to tell her that becoming a mother would end her career.

Malaika used to work in the show during pregnancy

Malaika wrote in the caption of this post, “When I was pregnant, this is what people said, ‘This will end your career.’ At that time, after marriage, hardly anyone would see you as an actress on screen. But growing up as a woman who advocated for women’s freedom, I knew motherhood meant playing just one more character, that of a mother. I did shuttle shows and rehearsals during my pregnancy.”

Malaika did not want to lose her identity along with becoming a mother

Malaika further wrote, “And when Arhaan was born I promised to give him the world. I also promised myself that I would not lose my identity in the process of being a mother. Since then, I have lived up to both the promises. I have performed at an award show, 2 months after delivery. Motherhood and work empowered me. Actually, a year after delivery, I had said yes to Karan for the song ‘Dhamaal’ from the film ‘Kaal’, But I knew the guilt of a ‘working mother’.”

Malaika misses Arhaan

Malaika says, โ€œSo, I spent most of my time with Arhaan. Today Arhaan is my dearest friend. The morning singing routine has now turned into a Sunday cooking routine and now that he is studying, we DM-ing recipes to each other. I miss her, but it’s a good thing I kept my second promiseโ€”not to lose my identity in the process of being a mother. I have my job, my friends And that’s my life.”

Malaika used to live alone with her son after divorce

Malaika was living alone with her son since her divorce from Arbaaz Khan. A few days back, she revealed that she has been wanting to adopt a girl for a long time. She has also talked to her son Arhaan about this. Let us tell you that after getting divorced from Arbaaz Khan in 2017, Malaika got the custody of son Arhaan. Malaika is dating actor Arjun Kapoor since the year 2019. There are also reports that both are going to marry each other soon.

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