From social media: Netizens are trolling after the news of snake bite to Salman Khan, said – cat got bitten, what will happen if snake bites

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Actor Salman Khan was bitten by a snake on Saturday. Salman went to his farm house in Panvel to celebrate Christmas. This incident happened there late night. After this, Salman was admitted to Kamothe MGM Hospital at 3 pm. According to the information, the snake was not poisonous. After treatment, Salman was also discharged. His health is now said to be fine. Netizens are trolling Salman since this news.

Salman’s father’s statement
Salman’s father and writer Salim Khan told the media, “We were definitely worried when this happened and Salman rushed to a nearby hospital to get an injection. But thank God the snake was not venomous. After that we had Salman. He told that he is resting after returning from the hospital.

Netizens are trolling

One user wrote, Katrina got bitten, now what will happen if snake bites.

Another user wrote that Santa gave a gift to Bhoi.

At the same time, another user wrote, the snake must have died.

Remembering the deer, the user wrote, A little deer must have been given peace today.

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