Funds sanctioned for stipend under YSR Law Nestham scheme

The government on Saturday sanctioned ₹2,73,60,000 for paying ₹5,000 each as stipend to junior advocates for August, September and October under ‘YSR Law Nestham’ scheme.

According to separate G.Os. issued by Secretary (Legal and Legislative Affairs and Justice) V. Sunitha, ₹93.50 lakh would be paid to 1,870 junior advocates for August and ₹91.0 lakh to 1,826 junior advocates for September and ₹88.80 lakh to 1,776 junior advocates for October.

The government had earmarked ₹5 crore for monthly stipend to junior advocates for the financial year 2020-21 and e-pass bills were received by the department concerned.


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