Furore in Council over no-confidence motion against chairman

An attempt by the ruling BJP members to move no-confidence motion against Legislative Council chairman K. Pratapchandra Shetty on Wednesday led to a furore, resulting in the House being adjourned for over two hours.

Raising the issue, BJP member Ayanur Manjunath sought to move the motion and demanded the subject be included in the day’s agenda. Mr. Manjunath said he along with 11 other members had submitted a notice in this regard.

On discussion

Congress MLCs led by B.K. Hariprasad argued that the subject could be taken up only after 14 days of submitting the notice. Urging the chairman not to allow any discussion on the subject, they jumped into the Well of the house and protested.

This resulted in a heated argument between members of both the parties.

However, Mr. Manjunath argued that the notice was submitted on November 25 and hence, it was possible to take up the subject as per rules. Other BJP members seconded him.

Intervening, the chairman said as per rules it was not possible to include any subject in between the agenda. He said he will consult legal experts for an opinion. The subject is likely to figure in Thursday’s proceedings.


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