Gadar-2 close to 450 crores: 65 years old Sunny Deol has Rs 130 crores. property, fees increased from 90 lakhs to 15 crores

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Sunny Deol’s Gadar-2 has made a record by earning 375 crores in 10 days. On the other hand, a bank had issued a notice to Sunny for not repaying a loan of Rs 56 crore. Due to which the bank had announced to auction his Juhu bungalow in Mumbai to recover the loan, however within 24 hours the auction notice was withdrawn and Sunny got some relief.

Sunny Deol in a scene from Gadar 2.

Sunny Deol in a scene from Gadar 2.

Sunny has spent 40 years in the film industry. His film Betaab was released in 1983 and now he has got historical success through Gadar-2. He has been the most popular hero of the 90s.

Has done more than 100 films due to which he has made a property of 130 crores. For the 1997 film Border where he got a fee of 90 lakhs. Whereas, now it is Rs 15 crore. They charge a fee, that means their fee has increased by almost 15 times.

Between the controversy and the success of Gadar-2, know how much property Sunny and Deol family have…

According to the report of Financial Express, the bungalow which is being auctioned is located on Gandhi Gram Road in Juhu, Mumbai. Its name is Sunny Villa. Sunny Deol and his family do not live in this bungalow. It is used by Sunny as a recording and dubbing studio for his production studio Sunny Super Sound. Apart from this, some space is also used for business meetings and as a residential area.

It also houses a preview theater and two post production suites. Most of the Sunny Villas are used for dubbing Bollywood movies and hosting film screenings, which earns a lot of money for the Deol family.

Sunny’s luxury house is in Mumbai

Sunny Deol lives in Mumbai with his family in a bungalow in the Malabar Hill area. Business families like Adi Godrej, Birla family and Jindal live in this posh area. This bungalow is so big that 50 family members can live in it simultaneously. The perfect combination of technology, luxury and comfort is seen in the house. The house also has a gym, garden, dining area and a helipad. Apart from this it also has swimming pool, library and movie theatre.

Sunny with father Dharmendra at the bungalow in Malabar Hill.

Sunny with father Dharmendra at the bungalow in Malabar Hill.

Sunny has another house in Mumbai which is in a posh area like Vile Parle. Years ago, Sunny bought this house for Rs 6 crore. I bought Apart from this, he has another house in Mumbai’s Oshiwara Complex, which he bought for 2 crores. Sunny has about Rs 8 crore in Mumbai itself. There are also lands worth Rs. 21 crores and a complex. Is. According to media reports, Sunny has also invested in real estate in Manali and England.

Talking about luxury cars, Sunny has cars like Range Rover between 1.5 to 2.5 crores and Audi A-8 worth 1.5 crores.

Net worth is 130 crores

According to the report of, the net worth of 65-year-old Sunny Deol is around Rs 130 crore. Is. His annual earning is around 12 crores. Sunny 12-15 crores to work in a film. Let’s charge After Gadar-2, he will now also participate in the profits of the films. Apart from this, his fee can also reach up to Rs 20 crore due to Gadar-2 being a hit. Sunny’s fee for brand endorsement is around Rs 3-5 crore. Is.

Sunny was the most popular actor of the 90s. He made his debut in the 1983 film Betaab. Sunny’s acting in the film was highly appreciated. He was also nominated for Filmfare Best Actor for this film. He was counted among the highest paid actors of Bollywood. Sunny got Rs 60 lakh for the film Border. Fee was received. According to media reports, Sunny’s fee for the 2001 film Gadar was Rs 4.5 crore.

87 crore assets in 2019

In 2019, when Sunny Deol became the BJP’s candidate for the Gurdaspur seat in Punjab, he had mentioned his assets in his election affidavit. In this, Sunny had talked about having assets worth 87 crores. He had also told that he has a debt of 53 crores. According to Sunny, he and his wife Pooja had taken a loan of Rs 51 crore from the bank. Apart from this, he had also mentioned in the affidavit that he had an outstanding government loan of Rs 2.5 crore. In this Sunny got 7 lakh rupees. There was also talk of GST dues.

Dharmendra’s assets 335 crores

Sunny’s father Dharmendra also has properties worth crores in Mumbai. He has a farm house in Lonavla, which is spread over 11 acres. The cost of this farmhouse is around 15 crores. Apart from this, he also has two bungalows in Mumbai. One bungalow is in Juhu, which costs around 90 crores and the other is in Goregaon, which costs around 5 crores. On the other hand, Hema Malini, the second wife, has 5 flats in Mumbai, whose combined value is more than 50 crores.

Dharmendra with first wife Prakash Kaur and second wife Hema Malini.

Dharmendra with first wife Prakash Kaur and second wife Hema Malini.

In the affidavit filed in 2019 on behalf of the BJP to contest the elections in Mathura, Hema had declared assets worth Rs 249 crore. In this, Hema Malini had declared property worth Rs 114 crore in her name, while Dharmendra was said to be the owner of property worth Rs 135 crore. By 2023, the wealth of both has increased and their combined net worth is around 335 crores.

Bobby’s net worth is half that of Sunny

According to the report of, compared to Sunny, Bobby’s net worth is half of that i.e. around 77 crores. According to media reports, his annual income is 6 crores and he earns about 50 lakh rupees every month. Let’s earn. Bobby charges 2 to 4 crores for each of his films. charges a fee.

Bobby's wife Tanya is also a businesswoman who runs a home decoration business called The Good Earth.

Bobby’s wife Tanya is also a businesswoman who runs a home decoration business called The Good Earth.

He has two Chinese restaurants named Suhana and Sumplace Else in Mumbai which are his source of income. Talking about property, Bobby has a house in Mumbai which is worth 8 crores. Bobby’s car collection includes luxury cars like Land Rover, Freelander 2, Range Rover Vogue, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Porsche Cayenne.

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