Gajodhar Bhaiya Ka Safarnama: Raju Srivastava did more than 4000 shows in 100 countries, started with 50 rupees and created a wealth of 20 crores

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Famous comedian Raju Srivastava passed away on September 21. In his beautiful career spanning 29 years, Raju not only made Indians but people of 100 countries laugh a lot with stage shows. Raju, who made people laugh by doing more than 4000 shows, moistened everyone’s eyes as he went.

As a child, Raju wanted to become a hero like Amitabh Bachchan, not a comedian. One day Raju came to Mumbai from Kanpur with courage to fulfill his dream, but this journey was not easy. Here Raju had to run the expenses by driving an auto. If he had talent, Raju used to make his passengers laugh a lot too. One such day, Raju, who was enjoying the ride, got his first job, for which he got a fee of only 50 rupees. Soon, Raju earned a lot of name with his skills and made a wealth of 20 crores.

Raju worked in many stage shows, reality shows, comedy shows and 20 films in a career spanning 29 years.

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