Ganga River Drowning Accident; Two Missing Including Girl Child And Five Rescued In Uttar Pradesh Mirzapur | Women jump to save two girls who went to bathe in Ganga from drowning, 2 missing including girl child; five were rescued

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In search of the missing girl and the girl, the police is conducting a search with divers.

A woman, including a girl, who had come to attend the marriage ceremony organized at the house of Manna Bind, a resident of Gopalpur Madguda in Vindhyachal police station area, drowned in the Ganges river. The accident took place on Thursday at around 8 am when about two dozen women had reached the Kachha Ghat to take a bath in the Ganges. Two girls started drowning after going into deep water while taking bath. Other women jumped to save them. Seven people drowned. People taking a bath nearby saved five people. While 23-year-old Archana Devi and 13-year-old Antama drowned in deep water. Divers and local seafarers are in search of them.

When the procession returned, the women went out to take a bath.

The procession of Mahesh, son of Manna Bind, a resident of Mudguda village, had left in an atmosphere of laughter while dancing on Wednesday. This morning the bridegroom had returned with the bride. A group of two dozen women laughing and laughing went out to take a bath in the Ganges. Everyone was taking a bath on the raw ghat. During this, two girls started drowning. When other women tried to save them, she also started drowning. When there was chaos, people taking bath nearby saved five women. But a woman and a girl drowned in the water.

Divers are searching on the spot

Among those submerged in the water, 23-year-old Archana Devi wife Manohar, who is from Mirzapur, and 13-year-old Antama Thana Chilh. Vindhyachal police station in-charge inspector is present on the spot along with the police force. Search is on for the drowned people with the help of local divers and boaters.

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