Gautami Patil’s Plantation Drive, Disrupted By Unruly Crowd, Called Off

Gautami Patil has been often accused of promoting vulgarity while performing Lavani.

Gautami was invited as a guest at Gahunje village located in Pune on the occasion of a festival.

Lavani dancer Gautami Patil was recently invited as a guest to the Gahunje village in Pune to take part in a plantation drive. Everything was going as per the plan, but it went haywire the moment Gautami arrived at the venue. Fans were eager to get a glimpse of her. Many of them started behaving in an unruly manner and caused a nuisance at the venue.

Reportedly, Shirgaon Parandari police station suspected this stampede-like situation beforehand. Due to this reason, they didn’t permit organisers to use the chairs. Police suspected people could use the chairs to cause a ruckus and end up hurting each other. The villagers went on to disrupt the event, nonetheless, forcing police to intervene and call off the drive.

A similar situation was witnessed in January when Gautami had gone for a plantation drive in Nimgaon Ketki village in the Pune district. The drive had to be cancelled because the villagers protested against it. Pratibha Shelar also filed a petition against Gautami demanding her plantation programme be halted.

In addition to Pratibha, Surekha Punekar, a well-known Marathi folk dancer, also lashed out at Gautami for endorsing vulgarity through her dance performances. A seasoned folk artist, Surekha made a veiled jibe at Gautami for promoting obscenity after dressing inappropriately.

Due to this criticism from all corners of society, Gautami had to express regret over it by calling a press conference. She had to apologise to fans for her dance performances. Despite the criticism, fans have constantly supported her and showered love on her music videos.

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