Gayatri Prajapati Money Laundering Case Update; Enforcement Directorate (ED) On Former Samajwadi Party Minister | Gayatri Prajapati’s property worth Rs 36.94 crore attached, stitch-weaving wife turns out to be the mistress of the bungalow in Lonavala

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Former Minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati.

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) is being screwed over Gayatri Prajapati, who was the mining minister in the Samajwadi Party stuck in the mining scam. The ED has filed a charge sheet against Gayatri under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act in the court. In which a black letter of his incredible assets has been revealed.

The ED has attached the movable and immovable property of Gayatri Prajapati to 36.94 crores. 3.50 crore deposits are in Gayatri’s family and 57 accounts of the company. Apart from this, 60 properties of Gayatri were seized, worth Rs 33.54 crore. The assets are currently valued at 55 crores.

Son-daughter-in-law paid crores of rupees tax. Gayatri does not know

Gayatri Prajapati was an anonymous face before becoming a minister in the SP government. After becoming a minister, suddenly crores of rupees were deposited in the accounts of his family members. According to Gayatri Prajapati, his wife used to work sewing and weaving at home till 2012 and earned up to 10-15 thousand per month. At the same time, after 2012, she became dependent on him only as a housewife. However, his ITR is not testifying to this. The previous years ITR of Gayatri’s wife showed substantial income from construction business and agriculture. He also bought a house in Lonavala in 2013, for which he took a loan of 69 lakh rupees from sons and other persons.

Assets were bought on fake documents
Investigation has revealed that the details of payment of this property were fake ‚no such payment was made from banking channels. At the same time, the investigation revealed that his daughters are still studying and they have no business. While his ITR, like his wife, is giving some more testimony. Even after Gayatri went to jail in March 2017, all the bank accounts of his wife and daughters continued to operate. Immediately after becoming the minister, sufficient cash was deposited in the bank accounts of his own and family members and their companies. Between 2013 and 2016, a total of Rs 6.60 crore was deposited in the bank accounts of his family members. Both his sons and daughters-in-law had also declared considerable undisclosed income.

Purchased properties in the name of servants other than family

Announced income of Rs 15.23 crore under IDS-2015 scheme and deposited tax of Rs 6.85 crore. Gayatri, however, denied having any information about it during the interrogation. Investigations also revealed that Gayatri bought a number of benami properties in the names of her near and servants, who were paid in cash at Gayatri’s behest. Most of the property was purchased using the Power of Attorney by Gayatri Prajapati’s driver. ITR was also filed on Gayatri Prajapati’s instructions.

Transferred shares to son

The investigation also revealed that Gayatri Prajapati, after becoming a minister in 2013, transferred his shares in his company MGA Colonizers to his son Anurag and resigned. This was an excuse and the real control over the company remained intact by Gayatri. Soon after he became a minister, his sons became directors in many companies – who bought many properties. Five new companies were also formed by them in March-2014 and received substantial funds from various shell companies without any business relationship or agreement. The funds levied by such shell companies were rotated between the individual accounts of the respective entities and their sons and were eventually used for the purchase of assets and further investment.

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