Gayatri Prasad Prajapati Rape Case Latest News Updates: Victim Says Ex State Mining Minister Gayatri Prajapati Innocent Uttar Pradesh | Suffering woman said- Gayatri Prajapati innocent, Ram Singh was blackmailed after raping daughter and me after not getting mining lease

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  • Gayatri Prasad Prajapati Rape Case Latest News Updates: Victim Says Ex State Mining Minister Gayatri Prajapati Innocent Uttar Pradesh

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Gayatri Prasad Prajapati, former mining minister of UP.

  • Lucknow Bench granted interim bail to former minister Gayatri Prajapati on Friday for the first time in three years
  • On 9 months on the second FIR of the woman, the Lucknow Crime Branch arrested the accused named Ram Singh
  • Dainik Bhaskar investigates second FIR, shocking revelations come to light

Former UP Mining Minister Gayatri Prasad Prajapati has been granted interim bail of two months for the first time in three and a half years by the Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court on Friday. Within 48 hours, an accused Ram Singh was arrested by the Lucknow Crime Branch Police on the second FIR of a woman who accused Gayatri Prajapati of rape. The second FIR was written on December 27 in the year 2019, which is taken by Dainik Bhaskar. A shocking case has come out in this. While giving a clean chit to Gayatri in the rape case, the woman has written that Ram Singh Rajput did everything under a conspiracy. My fake signature was signed and blackmailed.

At the same time, what is right and what is wrong, says Daroga Ajit Kumar, who is investigating the case lodged in Gautampalli police station? The court will decide this.

Police have arrested the accused Ram Singh.

Police have arrested the accused Ram Singh.

Arrested Ram Singh Rajput got everything done by blackmailing

Gayatri Prajapati, who was the Minister of Mines in the SP Government, has been given a clean chit by the woman who accused him of rape. The woman’s second FIR states that Ramsingh, a resident of Atraulia in Hamirpur, and her companions Dinesh Tripathi and Ashu Gaur, raped her. On September 17, 2019, Tahrir was given against the accused in Gautampalli police station. On which the police filed the case on 27 December 2019. The victim alleged in Tahrir that Ram Singh and his accomplice raped Jindal Hotel in Paharganj, Delhi. Not only this, he was also raped by his minor daughter and he was held hostage.

There was a dispute of lease with former mining minister

The woman alleged that Ram Singh and his associates filed a case against the former minister by threatening to kill her daughter. Not only this, the signature of Tahrir which is being told to me, has been signed by Ram Singh himself in the DGP office. Whose method can be tested in science laboratory. The victim has alleged that Ram Singh, the main accused in the case, was pressurizing the former mining minister to grant the mining lease. When he did not get the lease, he lured me and implicated me. Then he captured the daughter and implicated the former minister. Whenever I protested, threatening to kill me and mine, threatening to make the photo viral.

The case was filed on the orders of the Supreme Court

A case was filed against the former mining minister in September 2016 on the direction of the Supreme Court. A 35-year-old woman from Chitrakoot sparked sensation by accusing the then mining minister Gayatri Prajapati and her colleagues of rape. The woman alleged that Gayatri fetched tea in which the intoxicating substance was found. She fainted after drinking tea after which Gayatri and Ashok Tiwari, Pintu Singh, Vikas Verma, Chandra Pal, Rupesh and Ashish Shukla at her residence raped her. During the rape, these people made a video of him, showing him blackmailed. According to the woman, she was raped for a month at the MLA residence on Park Road.


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