German media advocates less showering; shares its health benefits

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It is often argued whether taking a bath every day is necessary or not. Well, Germany’s Bild newspaper on Saturday has come up with claims and reports that reveal the benefits of showering less. Amid the ongoing possibility of a complete ban on all the Russian energy imports, a newspaper article titled ‘It’s enough to wash THESE four body parts – Why the skin cleans itself if you let it,’ mentioned conserving energy through individual actions. The Bild cited the example of Germany’s economy minister, Robert Habeck who asked his fellow countrymen and women to cut back on their heating, sauna visits, and showers to help the country reduce its dependence on Russian energy. 

The newspaper claimed that hygiene-related sacrifices can not only make life harder for the Kremlin but can also improve people’s skin.

To cement their claims, the media house got on board dermatologist Yael Adler for some pieces of expert advice. They shared, “There are certain bacteria strains on our skin that while beneficial, are typically present in small quantities. However, if a person were to give those microorganisms the chance to propagate by forgoing their regular shower, the good bacteria would protect their host from eczema and, moreover, consume the substances responsible for body odor. This way, it [skin] cleans itself.”

The dermatologist confirmed that “after three weeks the odors disappear and the skin begins a kind of a self-cleaning process. These good bacteria only have a chance if the skin has at least three weeks’ rest from showering”.

He also suggested that a few baths without soap or shampoo would not ruin the delicate skin microbiome either. “Less is more,” Adler explained, “to constantly shower or bathe the skin is anything but health-promoting.”

The article also advised Germans to wash and focus only on the following four parts instead: bottom, armpits, feet, and groin, as these are the smelliest areas of the human body. A change in washing habits could help heal up to 20% of all skin conditions caused by excessive showering and the use of soap, Adler argued.

For the unversed, Germany is slated to stop importing Russian coal by August, in accordance with the latest batch of EU sanctions, and the German government says it can wean itself off of Russian oil by the end of the year.



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