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When it comes to dreams, they are more often related to our thoughts than logic. There is no specific logic behind dreams, as they are often directed by our emotional thought process. Dreams usually occur in the rapid-eye movement (REM) stage of sleep, when the brain activity is high and resembles that of being awake. Your dreams draw the thoughts going on in your subconscious minds which gives rise to hypothetical scenarios. If you are lately getting dreams related to pregnancy, here is what they could mean.

You are pregnant

Many times your subconscious mind registers things that you might not think of. It can be either a mixture of your thoughts or something that is about to happen. Usually having a dream about your pregnancy can actually indicate that you are pregnant. It can also mean that you wish to have a baby of your own and it is somewhere in the back of your head.

Seeing someone pregnant

Dreaming about pregnancy or seeing someone pregnant in your dream can mean a variety of things. It can mean that you miss the person you are seeing in your dreams and might want to talk to them. It can also mean that you might get ‘good news’ from your close friend or family member. Though there is no certainty about dreams, pregnancy dreams are often related to your thoughts.

Pregnancy anxiety
Pregnancy anxiety can easily trigger a sequence of dreams related to pregnancy. It can occur during any time of the gestation period and is perfectly normal to have. If you are dreading labor or having anxious issues related to the baby, you are more likely to have bad dreams about the same.

Unplanned pregnancy

If you are about to take a test for a pregnancy that you don’t want, then it can also trigger similar dreams. Usually unplanned pregnancy gives rise to stress and anxiety, which can make you think of such scenarios. The fear of getting pregnant when you don’t want to is a common reason behind women getting pregnancy dreams. This does not mean that you are actually pregnant, as only a test can prove it.

Twin theory

Many people believe that dreaming about conceiving actually means that they are pregnant with twins. This theory is just a myth. Such dreams can occur if you are hoping to get twins or if someone has told you about their pregnancy. They can also occur if you see twins and somewhere hope that you conceive a pair as well.


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