Gita App, Virtual Game: What G20 Delegates Will Experience At Digital Zones

G20 Summit New Delhi: The Digital India experience zone will be set up in Bharat Mandapam.

India is set to showcase the progress it has made in the digital landscape through a Digital India experience zone at the G20 summit. A preview video posted on X (formerly Twitter) by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting describes what the experience zone will cover. The G20 delegates will be shown flagship platforms like Aadhaar and UPI, along with an all-new Gita application that will seek to answer life’s deeper questions inspired by Shrimad Bhagwad Gita, one of the most important religious texts of Hinduism.

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The Digital India experience zones will be set up in Halls 4 and 14 of Bharat Mandapam in G20’s main venue, Pragati Maidan.

The ministry’s video gives a glimpse of what the delegates will see when they visit the experience zones. It is a “cycle-run virtual reality simulated exhibit”.

The video further shows a user using a stationary bicycle – the used in gyms for exercise. As the user starts using the pedals, the sensor-based technology identifies the movement and a virtual tour of the landscape begins.

As the camera moves forward in the virtual screen, user collects milestones in the form of various Digital India initiatives that have been launched in recent years. After collecting each point, the user gets to see information about the initiative and progress made by the programme.

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The ministry said that the video is not just a game, but will help users learn about the programmes and milestones achieved.

Visitors can also deep dive into Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI), its core principles and the evolution of tech initiatives in the Digital Tree exhibit, according to a note circulated by information technology ministry.

Another useful tool for delegates and attendees will be the G20 India mobile app, which will provide updated information about the Summit. Its other features include G20 India’s event calendar, virtual tours, navigation amongst others.

India, in its capacity the current president of the G20 grouping of the world’s biggest economies, is all set to host the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Delhi on September 9-10.

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