“Go Home And Cook”: Maharashtra BJP Leader’s Sexist Jab At MP Supriya Sule

Supriya Sule husband posted the exchange on Twitter, calling out the BJP as a “misogynistic” party.

New Delhi:

Maharashtra BJP chief Chandrakant Patil, targeting Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Supriya Sule on Wednesday, made a hugely controversial comment that has triggered outrage. “If you don’t understand politics, go home and cook,” he told the MP during a protest.

The sexist comment was made as the two parties sparred over reservations for OBC (Other Backward Class) in Maharashtra jobs and education.

The BJP leader was apparently reacting to Supriya Sule comparing Maharashtra’s fight for OBC quota with that of Madhya Pradesh and questioning how the BJP-ruled state got the green signal from the Supreme Court.

“The Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh came to Delhi and met ‘someone’… I don’t know what suddenly happened over the next two days and they got a go-ahead for OBC reservations,” Ms Sule told a party meeting in Marathi.

When the comment was relayed to the Maharashtra BJP president at his protest nearby, he snarked: “Why are you in politics? Go home and cook. You are in politics, and you don’t understand how to meet a Chief Minister? You (also) go to Delhi or go to hell or wherever but give reservations.”

The BJP has been accusing Maharashtra’s Shiv Sena-NCP-Congress coalition of not doing enough for OBC quota, which was put on hold by the Supreme Court. The Maharashtra government, however, blames the Centre for not providing data.

Ms Sule’s husband Sadanand Sule posted the exchange on Twitter, calling out the BJP as a “misogynistic” party.

“I am proud of my wife who is a homemaker, mother and a SUCCESSFUL politician, one amongst many other hardworking and talented women in India…this is an insult to all women…,” Mr Sule commented in a thread.


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