Gorakhpur Bansgaon Durga Temple Latest News Updates: People Offering Blood to Durga Temple in Bansgaon in Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh | The tradition of offering blood to this Durga temple of Bansgaon in Gorakhpur; From newborn to elderly are included

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This photo is from Gorakhpur. Here, a barber made an incision in the Durga temple to offer the blood of a newborn child.

  • Maa Durga Temple is located in Bansgaon Tehsil Town
  • People are reliving the tradition that has been going on for 300 years

All of us have heard the saga of chanting, restraint, sacrifice and sacrifice of devotees absorbed in the faith of Maa Durga. But there is such a Durga temple in Bansgaon Tehsil town of Gorakhpur, where the tradition of offering blood to mother Durga from any part of the body has been going on since the last 300. Blood is offered from a 12-day-old to a 100-year-old. It is believed that the newborns from whom blood is extracted, they are received by the grace of this mother.

Elder discharging the tradition of blood transfusion.

People of Shrinet dynasty carry on this tradition
The temple located in the Bansgaon tehsil has a unique tradition of blood offering at the feet of Maa Durga by the people of the Shrinet clan of Kshatriyas on Navami on Navratri. It has been going on for the last 300 years. People living in the country and abroad offer their blood to Mother Durga here on the day of Navami. The special thing is that here 12 days after the birth of the newborn (after the end of the Barhi program), their blood is offered at the feet of the mother. Devotees reach these newborns in the court of the mother. The father or mother of that newborn, young and old, also carries out this tradition.

One till the day of Upanayana rite, the latter is extracted from 9 places
Blood is extracted from nine places from the bodies of youths-adhikars and elders after they become frontal (lilar) and (wearing janeu-14 years old) till one place before the Upanayana rites. She is offered in a leaflet at the feet of her mother. The special thing is that with the same razor, incisions are made at nine places of the body of the married and children at one place on the forehead.

Blood is offered on the mother’s feet at the bell leaf. After this, incense, incense sticks and ashes emanating from Havanakund are applied to the cut site. Earlier animals were sacrificed here but now blood is offered by stopping animal sacrifice in the temple premises.

Devotees worshiping in the temple.

Devotees worshiping in the temple.

There is no disease
Priest Shravan Pandey said that people believe that it is the blessing of the mother that till date neither one has got tetanus nor had there been a scar after healing. People here believe that offering blood to the mother makes the mother happy. The family of the devotee is healthy and happy. For the last several hundred years, this tradition has been maintained in Bansgaon in the same way as their ancestors used to do. All believe that the blessings of the mother remain on them when the blood is offered by the Kshatriyas.


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