Gorakhpur, despite the financial constraints, was forced to sell vegetables, the national player of basketball, said – no work is big or small for the player | National player of basketball, forced to sell vegetables amid financial crisis, said – no work is big or small for the player

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  • Gorakhpur, Despite The Financial Constraints, Was Forced To Sell Vegetables, The National Player Of Basketball, Said No Work Is Big Or Small For The Player

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Surendra was selected in the U-17 UP team. The first National Championship was played from 7 to 14 October 2014 in Chandigarh.

  • Due to the lockdown, Surendra’s father’s tea-shop closed down, when unlocked, the income became negligible.
  • Surendra was selected in the U-17 UP team, played the first National Championship in Chandigarh from 7 to 14 October 2014.

With the change in the standard of living, the global epidemic Corona has put many careers at stake. A living example of this can be seen in Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s city of Gorakhpur. Yes, the player who has played National Junior of basketball has to deal with vegetables here due to the disturbance. When the father-of-tea shop owner’s shop was closed in lockdown, it became difficult to afford. But, the father who had groomed the son’s career with high hopes, his dreams have also shattered with the son’s dreams.

Surendra Gupta, a resident of Jungle Sikri Bypass Road, next to Motiram Adda on the Technological University Road, Gorakhpur, has been in sports since childhood. Among the four brothers, the promising Surendra BA is also a second year student. He states with delight that he has passed 12th from Maharana Pratap Intermediate College of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. They have also received awards on their hands. Despite being five feet nine inches, Surendra decided to pursue a career in basketball. He started climbing the ladder of success, leaving many senior players behind in the race.

Has participated in the National Championship three times

It started in the year 2013-14. He got admission in the stadium. He was selected in the Under-17 UP team. The first National Championship was played from 7 to 14 October 2014 in Chandigarh. In May 2016, I got a chance to play the second championship and the third Junior National Championship in 2017-18 in Bhubaneswar.

He told that the father’s tea-shop closed because of the lockdown. When unlocked, the revenue was negligible. In such a situation, it became difficult to run. They say that the player can never sit. This is the reason why they decided to hire a vegetable. He says that no job is big or small for a player. Surendra said that his decision has shocked his family and father Ramvriksha. But, the game has come to a standstill due to the lockdown. In such a situation they have been in need of employment. They say that they are sorry for being forced to sell vegetables even after being a national player. But, still they practice by taking out one to one and a half hours daily. They also want to play further. They have no shame in this work of selling vegetables.

He says, “Today he has many titles. However, it is not a one-way job. The government needs to make such an arrangement that a national level player like them does not have to be forced to sell vegetables by carting it on the road. He says that many people do not know that he is a national level player. They do not want to tell the people who come to buy vegetables about their game. Because for this they have to face embarrassment. ”

Luck will shine once again on the strength of ability
Surendra’s father Ramvriksha Gupta runs a tea-shop at Jungle Sikri bypass on Deoria Bypass. Ramvriksha encouraged Surendra not only to move forward in basketball with the help of this broken shop just in front of the house. Rather he also sent him to the hostel. However, he regrets that the lockdown has forced his promising son Surendra to hire a vegetable. But, there is also the belief that he will once again become a shining star on the national pane of basketball on the strength of his ability and hard work.


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