Govardhan Parvat Mathura Latest News Updates. Online Selling Of Govardhan Maountain In Mathura Uttar Pradesh | The online shopping company advertised the rock sale of Giriraj; Outrage among saints of Mathura

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Mathura20 minutes ago

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The devotees filed a complaint to file a case against the company owner and the company. The police has assured to take action after the investigation.

  • Sage saints and Brajwasis warned the company to stop advertising, demanded action from the administration
  • Recognition- Lord Krishna lifted the Govardhan mountain on one finger to protect the Brajvas from the wrath of Indra.

The stones of Giriraj Parvat (Govardhan Parvat), the center of faith of crores of Hindus in Mathura, are being sold online. This sale is being done by a company, Lakshmi Divine Article Stores. The organization has also placed advertisements on online shopping company India Mart Chennai. The price of rock has been kept at five thousand rupees. On which the company has written Natural Giri Govardhan Shila Govardhan Stone Giriraj Krishna Shila. At the same time, a photo of Giriraj Shila has also been placed and its price is Rs 5,175.

Refusal to take the rock out of the foothills

On Monday, when this advertisement was seen on social media by saints and Brajwasis, resentment started to develop in them. Devotees and saints surrounded the goverment of the police station and created a ruckus. Stating with faith, the company owner and demanding a arrest against the company has been arrested. Deenbandhu Das Maharaj, who is living in the parikrama, said that Giriraj Ji Maharaj is favored by all us sages and Brajwasis. It is written in religious texts that it is prohibited to take Giriraj Ji’s rock out of the Giriraj foothills.

People said that the way in which the attempt is being made to sell the Govardhan Parvat by hurting religious sentiments on the social site and the price of Govardhan rock is being sold openly, such people are hurting the religious sentiments of Hindus . The government should take some concrete steps in this direction.



Lord Krishna raised Giriraj on one finger
The faith of millions of Hindus is associated with Govardhan Giriraj mountain. This is the same Govardhan mountain which was raised by Shri Krishna on his finger and protected the Braj people from the wrath of Indra. And this is the same Govardhan mountain, where Govardhan Puja is considered special on the occasion of Deepawali. Devotees earn merit every month by orbiting Govardhan Giriraj Maharaj.

Mount Giriraj.

Mount Giriraj.


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