Government of Uttar Pradesh stopped scholarship of students in Corona period? Fake screenshots are viral by telling ABP News

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  • Fact Check: Government of Uttar Pradesh Stopped Scholarship of Students in Corona Period? Fake Screenshots Are Viral By Telling ABP News

28 minutes ago

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What is going viral: On social media Claim It is being done that the Yogi government of Uttar Pradesh has stopped the scholarship of students during the Corona period. A screenshot of a news channel news is also being shared with the claim. The screenshot is being reported by ABP News.

And what is the truth?

  • Some of august media The reports According to, the scholarship of 2 lakh students was stuck in Uttar Pradesh due to Corona. However, there is no mention in any news that scholarship will not be available this year. As claimed in the viral message.
  • Government of Uttar Pradesh Scholarship Portal But there is no such update. Which confirms that scholarship is not being available this year. According to the information given on the portal, more than 2.22 lakh candidates have applied under the three scholarship schemes in the session 2020-21.
  • Pre matriculation And Post metric The Uttar Pradesh government has also released a new time table for scholarship. In this, instructions have been given to complete the application process by 30 September.
  • First of all, we matched the screenshot going viral with the original bulletin of ABP News. There is a clear difference in the font of both. The most obvious is that the claim being made on social media is fake.



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